Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Me!

I come from a place called Worthington and that's were all the best people are from. And from there I found out that I wanted to go to the Ohio State University and get a degree in education so can become a teacher. But when I'm not doing homework or going to class I'm usually playing basketball or laying back watching TV at home.

Out of all the memories, from my English 109.01 class, I think the best one would be.... But from the class I learned a lot, like how one of the most important parts of writing is to slow down and organize your thoughts. But what I think I got better at from taking this class was comprehending what I'm reading.
The that I chose to put up was the poem we had to make. I chose this piece because I thought it was the about me. I received my inspiration for the piece from my parents, and it just show how we all love each other.

I picked me snapshot, I chose this piece because i felt it was the funniest. I got the inspiration to write this because everytime me and my friends hang out we talk about this night and how funny it was.
One Bad Night (Snapshot 5)
One night when I was 16 years old my friend Brandon and I spent the night at our friend Michael’s house. The night started off fine, we had just came back from eating and were watching tv in Michael’s living room. We were telling jokes and were having fun until around 1 in the morning. We were pretty much all falling asleep until Michael let his enormous, and annoying dog, Tippy, back in to the house. She became reenergized, like her batteries had just been changed, and started to slobber all over our faces to wake us up. Not even 5 minutes later we hear a “bang,” immediately we proceed to freak out. Collaborating on what we thought was the noise we all agree we think it was a gunshot. At first we don’t know what to do. We decide to turn off the tv, all the lights, and close all the blinds, so no one can see in the house. It is all most pitch black and my heart is pounding inside my chest. We take a quick peek out the blinds and see a car’s lights turn on in the unfinished court next to Michael’s.
Brandon was one of the funniest people I know, he could make anyone laugh, but right now the look of fright on his face was something I had never seen before. Then there was Michael, he played football and was big and was always trying to get bigger, but right now his toughness just flew out the window. Michael finally broke the silence “Dude no one is suppose to be over there, none of the house right finished yet!” The car then takes off. After a couple of minutes we compose ourselves and get ready to go outside and look around. I go to grab my shoes from the front door and double take. I scream “No!” Michael and Brandon come running to me at the front door saying “what, what.” As soon as they reached me they didn’t saw too what had happened. My car was completely white, and shinny. We walked to the car and a smell hit my noise that was the combination of burning and a hint of mistiness. I touched my car and my hands became sticky and slippery. There was shaving cream and saran wrap coving my car from top to bottom. And for the exploding sound it was a huge firework that was placed on top of my car.

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