Friday, December 11, 2009

Videos of class reading during Finals Week

Hello students, friends, and families--

Today I am working to convert and put up all the videos of the class readings we did in our English class this fall.

As I read these introductions and writings, I feel very fortunate to have been able to teach this class. The stories and feelings that are in these writings are, of course, reflections of true human experience. We always have a lot of diversity in our classes, and I think we learn from those different stories and perspectives, but what I also see is that we have a lot in common, and that by sharing our ideas we can take courage and hope from one another. That makes the work of writing very worthwhile, in my opinion.

I think all the students did a wonderful job and I hope you will also enjoy the work they share here!


Mike Lohre
Senior Lecturer in English
The Ohio State University

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hobart Elementary School

Hi my name is Ahmed Abdullahi, I am originally from Somalia, I have eleven brothers and four sisters,
I travelled many countries including Africa and some European. I came to United States 4 years ago; I am currently attending Ohio state university in Delaware branch. My dream is to be an accountant graduate in the future.
My strongest memory from my first quarter of English 109.1 was kind of interesting, because everybody was strange to me. But a couple days later on I realized everybody was very kind and friendly. Towards my home works everything was very smooth except my first two essays. The books like Ordinary Resurrection and House of Mango Street were very interesting, according to the characters and teachings I got from. I actually learned how to write MLA style papers, because it helped me my economy research paper.
The type of writing that I am sharing with you is my journal #7. This is about Hobart elementary school I chose this topic because this was one of the best schools I admired, how it managed. Also in the future I have a plan of opening after school program which is same to Hobart school. The theme I thought was very important was the responsibility did by the teacher how he was providing transportation from his own pocket.
Hobart elementary school

The Hobart Shakespeareans documentary was very useful. The students in the school have different backgrounds, from Asian and Latino, which means English, was a second language to the most of them. A lot of the students expressed their feelings towards their understanding, and they stated the difficulties that encountered with them and how poor they were in education.
These 5th grade students actually managed their character to act like Shakespeareans. I think this success is not from their parents. But their teacher who was really having twenty years experience, and he said “I was taught this skills from my home”. He meant that everybody takes his own direction, either by becoming a Pilot or a Doctor. So he chose to be a teacher .the Hobart elementary school took very important step forward which based on teamwork and honest. My response to this documentary, the most important person is the teacher, who sacrifices his and money because of them. He also took the students to the Jefferson memorial, to make the students to remember about the Vietnam War and get better citizens. The teacher also gets the patient of educating those students who are ten steps behind then the regular students. I personally have a wish to finish my dream one day, no matter how long it will take to me , but whenever I get good opportunity , I would like to create programming activities, to educate young

Kara's reading

Hi! My name is Kara Meade, I'm 19 years old and originally from right here in central Ohio. My family moved around a little when I was little and we also lived in Washington the state and connecticut. My major is currently hospitality management. I am really excited about it because I want to do something pertaining to event planning and that could include so much! I would say one of my hobbies is young life because it takes up a lot of my time. I live on campus and I'm currently training to be a leader, so it's nice to have the fellowship that I do at my house.

From my first quarter of college, I would definitely say that English 109.01 was my favorite class. I enjoyed the atmosphere of it with the small class, and in depth discussions. I learned so much about the writing process, I never really knew how much precise details were necessary to complete a well done paper. That was for sure the area I saw myself grow the most, I feel as though a well thought out paper will come with so much ease now. Reading is even an area where i saw myself grow. Active reading was a big help in that, by making my brain depict language better.

The piece of writing I chose to read was snapshot two, characterization of a person. I picked this piece of writing because I actually described my grandpa. I really liked this snapshot i wrote because it brings back so many memories about him and my childhood. He was such an inspiration because he was such a character. No one else can compare to my Papa, I think the theme would just be family.

Growing up around my grandpa, was at times, intimidating to say the least. Papa was an English gentleman born and raised in Kharagpur, India who came to America when he was eighteen. He mostly frightened me as a little girl because of the strong willed presence he brought about the room. He had a deep accent and it was hard for me to understand him a lot, but I was usually too scared to ask him to repeat what he had sad. Papa had grey and black hair that was always slicked with a fragrant gel that matched his strong cologne. I usually envision him in his big hunting boots, suspenders, plaid flannel underneath, and a mad bomber hat to match as he is walking down his long driveway to get the paper everyday. The thing I remember most about my papa are his wise ways, and his stories about world war two, or just silly one he made up. After the death of my uncle when I was little, I distinctly remember sitting on my papa’s lap and asking him what all the beauty marks all over his olive skin were. He just laughed and said, “Oh they are from all my children and grandchildren my girl!” I come from a family of about thirty cousins, so this explanation made perfect sense to me because he had so many all over him. He explained that while every one of his kids or grandkids were being born, he pinched himself in certain places out of nervousness. So I got all excited and asked where mine was, where one of my cousins were, and I pretty much named every relative. He was patient with me and would act like he knew exactly where each one was. The bigger beauty marks were usually where the older kids were. I like thinking back to this memory of my papa because although he was a well known respected man around the town, I can still recall his kind and silly nature towards his beloved grandchildren.

Last English Class Blog

My name is Bansari Ribadiya. I was originally born in India but I've been in the United States for about 7 years. I've moved many times in my life, which I don't mind because I love traveling. I am currently undecided about my major but I am planning on going into the medical field. One of my hobbies is art which no doubt is a huge part of my life.Other than that keeping my culture alive in my community is also a big chunk of my life.
Strongest memory from English 109.01 is sitting around the table and discussing the books and actually talking about how the books were meaningful and not just something we had to read. During these two months I have learned that reading actively lets you remember ideas easily when you reflect back on it. I saw myself grow the most when it comes to writing freely in the journals and being descriptive in the snapshots.
I picked it because I like it (: And I like writing poems...well sometimes.

Linear Intertwined

A long sidewalk made of concrete and stones,

Becomes my path to peacefulness.

Leaving behind alienation to come to a place thats my own.

A path comes to a branch.

There is no longer just a sole.


Picturing which one would be optimal,

A step has been taken.

Startled, the step moved back.

Optimal thoughts have turned into full of doubts.

Then another step has been taken,

Towards the opposite direction.

Terrified the step has gotten a second thought.

Reasoning with the heart and the mind has taken over.

Combat between the two rights.

Which will win this battle.

Heart speaks out and says

Numerous paths but they will only be what the mind and the heart combined make of it.

last blog

Hi my name is Carlos Teos and I’m 19 years old. I was born in El Salvador and I moved to the United States when I was 10 years old. I have an older sister who is 20 and is studying to be a pediatrician and a younger brother that is a freshman in high school. Currently I’m attending the OSU Delaware center and the major that I have pick is accounting. My goal is to become a certify public accountant. One of my hobbies is soccer. I enjoy watching and playing soccer.

One of my strongest memories from taking English 109.01 would be the video about Hobart Shakespearians. This is my strongest memory because taught me to take advantage of my opportunities because not everyone has them. I learned that in order to write a good paper there four steps you need to follow. I think that I grew the most in the annotation process. I think grew I the most in this area because I did not like to annotate at all but now I do it every time.

The piece of writing the I like the most would snapshot four which is the characterization of a place. I picked this piece because I think this is one of the best that I wrote because I used a lot of metaphors. When I used to live in my country I loved to spend time in my grandparents house, and sometimes I would I stay for the whole summer there. This is what inspired me to write about their house. Here is a sample of the piece.

Out of the places that I have visited, been at, or lived at there is only one place that I have a clear picture in mind. This place makes me feel safe because it looks like it’s fortify like it were a castle, four walls really high like mountain Everest surrounding the house. The yard is big like the pacific with some many trees, different types of trees, like coconut trees, mango trees, lime trees and so many other trees that I cannot remember. I took advantage of this because I would eat mangos everyday; they are so sweet like sugar but healthier and so addicting you always wanted more and more. Not only were there trees but also animals, many animals, there were cows all kinds of sizes, small cows big cows and baby cows, there were also pigs, chickens, rosters, dog, cat. In the mornings the rosters would ring like an alarm clock, right after sun rise, signifying that it was time to get up but I would ignore it and sleep like a baby and wake up when I wanted to. The days were long and hot like if you were in the Sahara. If you were out doing something your sweat would drip like a waterfall with in minutes. He would say to me hammocks are the best thing to have for this excessive heat; it was true because the breeze you got from swinging on them was like taking a cold shower. The nights were quiet everyone was inside their homes just before dark and no noise from the twentieth century innovations just quiet and peaceful until the next day came.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last English Class!! :(

I am Neel Patel, and a freshman at The Ohio state University. I was born in India, but I lived most of my life here. Right now I haven’t picked a major yet, but I am leaning toward computer engineering or something in that field. One of the thing I love doing is playing basketball. I absolutely love the game, and wish to keep playing till I die.

One of my strongest memory of our English 109.01 class would have to be the Hobart Shakespearians movie. It really changed my view on poverty and missed opportunity. Also taught me why education is still the most important piece to achieve in life. This class also helped me to be more creative with my thoughts and the writing.

The writing piece that I am going to share is my first job experience. The job taught me a lot about responsibility and maturity. Also I had some of the best moments at my jobs, and here is one of them…

My first job was at Tim Horton’s. I hated working there, because I was only 16 at that time and all my friends would be playing outside or hanging out and I would be working. Since I was the youngest there, I always got picked on, but there were some good memories that I will never forget. One time a customer came in and asked me for a diet cherry coke. Since we only had four drinks, I mixed the fruit punch, coke, and Dr. pepper and gave it to him. The manager was a good friend of mine so we goofed around a lot. At that time we also had free refills on drinks so the customer came back and asked my manager for diet cherry coke, and he said that we don’t sell that, so I ran up there and told him that we just started selling them like yesterday. The manager knew that this was a joke and he just let me do it. I will never forget this experience I had. Even though I hated working there but I learned a lot and met some of the coolest people in the world.

Our last english 109.01 class

I come from a family of four including me. I grew up in the city of Dublin, Ohio. I have decided that I would study the subject of biology. With this degree I plan to later study radiology or pharmacy. My hobbies are pretty boring video games and working out are the main ones.
My strongest memory from English 109.01 was all of the creative writing we did. The writing process is a lot longer than it seems or what I used to do for papers. I saw myself grow the most as a reader by being able to pick out key events and characters.
My snapshot that I will be sharing with the class is about my name. I chose this snapshot because I thought I did a good job on it. The inspiration for this snapshot was to let people know why my name is what it is. The theme is to get to know me a little bit from what my name is and the way I describe it.
Stephen Livingston is my name. My parents told me that they thought of St. Stephen when they were thinking of names for me, and that’s how I got my name. I don’t really mind the name Stephen it’s not a very unique name kind of like wonder bread, plane and boring. Some people call me Steve-o a stunt fanatic addicted to drugs, but I’m nothing like that so I don’t know why they call me that.
I feel like people get the wrong impression of me when they use that name, but I just let it go. Another nick name is Livo a combination of Steve-o and my last name which is good and better than just Stephen, but I don’t really like it. My favorite name is Livingston; I guess it’s because that’s what my favorite teacher in high school used to call me. I really like the name will because it reminds me of one of my favorite comedians, Will Ferril who is sarcastic just like me. Yes. Something like Will, will do.

last english class

Hi my name is Nico Conti. I come from Westerville, OH and i attended St. Francis Desales for high school. I plan on becoming a radiologist, and working in a hospital in the Columbus area when I graduate. I hope I can get into the allied med program here at Ohio State. Some of the hobbies that like to do are play hockey. I plan on coaching for my old high school team at some time with in the next year or two.

My strongest memory form this class is reading the book "The House on Mango Street". I like this book because it was a read that was simple the stories in the book were short but had a lot of meaning. What i learned from the writing process is to brainstorm what you are going to be writing about. I learned that the first thing that comes to your head could not always be the best thing to write about, which happened to me on most of the papers. I thought that I could get a lot of information about the subject that came to me first but i could not get enough info. I saw my self grow the most in the peer editing. I used to not be able to find out what was wrong with other peoples papers. But now i am able to see the things that they have done wrong and help them if they need it.

The piece of writing that i am going to share with you is Snapshot 1. I choose this one because it talks about my name and some of the names that i was known as in high school. The inspiration that i have to put this writing in here is because it tells a little bit more about my self.

My Name

From the italian meaning my name means victorious people. In greek it means victory of the people. As the legend goes Niccholas saved the daughters of a poor man from lives of prostitution. He is the parton saint of children, sailors, ad merchents. He formed the name of Santa Clause who is the bringer of presents.

I think tht this name is good because it has alot of symbolic meaning and it also shows my relogion. I think my name shows the caring side of me and how i treat everyone with the sae respect. My name is bold as the person that i am named after.

Some of my nicknames that I have gotten throughout my life are Nico, which is the name that I go by. Nicola, which is what i was known as in my italian class in high school. Nick is what i get called by some of my relatives. Nicolai, which I was called by some of my coaches in sports i played in high school. Yes. Something like Nico will do.

Final Post

My name is Ashlee Bosh. I am a freshman this year attending the Ohio State University Marion campus at the Delaware location. I plan to transfer to the Main campus as soon as possible to further my education in Health Sciences, hopefully getting into the Masters program of Occupational Therapy. Born in California I was moved to Ohio when I was seven years old. Although most people would be shocked to hear this, I am glad that we moved here. I enjoy spending my summers under the sun and my winters inside, by the fire looking out, enjoying the scenery. I am now eighteen years old with a life I wouldn't trade for the world. Full of responsibilities and rewards I am always busy, but I prefer it that way.

As for my first quarter attending college, I would honestly have to say that English 109.01 was one of my favorite classes. The professor opened up the class in a way that created a feeling of closeness and comfort. Unlike my other classes here at the Delaware campus I feel relaxed and at ease. Although there was work to be done, the days played into weeks going by quicker than I had thought they would. As of what I have learned in this class so far, the importance to the writing process itself and the importance in each step has stood out to me the most. I saw myself improving most in creativity. For me getting an idea flowing into words was a struggle, now I enjoy it, thanks to taking English 109.01.

The piece of writing that I have chosen to be posted on the blog is a poem that we were to write about a person that has had a positive influence on me, the writer. I chose this piece because I think it says a lot more about who I am and will hopefully give people a little more insight into more about me as a person. The inspiration of this poem was my fiance, Devon. I hope that when people read this poem they will see the influence Devon has had on me through out the time we have shared together.

Girl in the Back

The quiet girl in the back.

Always the girl who everyone knew. But no one’s heard.
Quiet blue eyes. Loud blond hair. He, full of confidence,
Bursting at the seams. Too good. Too good.

Warning from every direction. ‘you’ll never have
A chance.’ But he did. ‘she’s a lost cause.’ But she wasn’t.
You’ll see.

One date, two date, now date three.
It was nice. He was charming. She wasn’t shy.
Riding a roller coaster of emotion,
Could it possibly get any better?

The quiet girl in the back.

Not so quiet anymore. But baby, love is loud.
Mouth like a motor. Heart
Like a fountain,
pouring, pouring, pouring.

Michael Birch

My Name is Michael Birch. I was born and raised in clintonville Ohio. I am attending Ohio state University and have not yet decided a major. One of my hobbies would be sports, I love to play Football and basketball. I love Notre Dame football and Pittsburgh Steelers.

One of my strongest memories of taking 109.01 this year would be when we had to do a presentation of somebody who we felt was a good role model, or a bad role model. We did our presentation of Alex Rodriguez and I had a lot of fun learning things about Alex Rodriguez that i never new before. I think this class has helped me a lot in my writing and I think that the writing process has helped my improve, and help me be more creative in my writing.

The piece of writing that will be on this Blog is a Snapshot that is called My Name. I choose this Snapshot because it was our first snapshot and probably my favorite. I got to write about why my name was special to me. I had a lot of fun writing this snapshot.

My Name

My name is Michael Birch. The name Michael in Hebrew means "who is God" which I feel makes my name strong, like a stone that cannot be broken. I do not like to go by the name Mike; I have just never liked the name Mike. I also feel that i prefer the name Michael is because of all the other Michael's in our history that have made it a good name, people such as the Archangel Michael, Michael Jordan, who was my favorite basketball player while i played basketball. The only bad thing to the name Michael is that it is a very common name and there is almost certainly going to be another Michael when you either go to school, or on your team for a sporting event. Other than that i believe Michael is a good name with a good back round and if i have a son i am also going to name him Michael.

Yes. Something like Michael will do.

Last Name "EVER" First Name "Greatest"

My name is Justin Dalhamer. I was born and raised in Hilliard Ohio. I’m currently attending Ohio State University and studying Criminology. One of many hobbies I enjoy is sports; I love football and I’m a diehard 49ers fan.

One of my strongest memories In English this year was when we watched the movie Hobart Shakespearians. It really influenced me to be thankful for the great teachers I’ve had in my life. This class has also helped me improve my writing process and become a creative thinker. I’ve seen myself grow a lot as a reader, I read a lot faster and take in more as I’m reading now.

The piece of writing I chose for this assignment had a big effect on me. I had a lot fun writing the snapshot because I had live memories to relive. The inspiration for the writing came from my love for my country. God Bless the USA!!!

God Bless The USA!!!

I was on my way home from Afghanistan, elated that I would shortly be back on American soil for the first time in 10 months. I missed everything back home- from my family to music on the radio. I have always been a music lover and so easily affected by the lyrics of songs. After being gone for 10 months I was so anxious to get up to speed and hear all of the current hits. As my platoon’s bus pulled up to Camp Lejeune we were greeted by both family and friends going crazy, waving signs and screaming our names. As I stepped foot off the bus I was bummed rushed by my mom and siblings, I was so happy to be home. However, my tremendous greeting from my family is not the only thing that sticks out in my mind. When I got off the bus there was music playing in the background. It was my favorite song, Proud to Be an American. The lyrics hit closer to home now more than ever. My family and I began to cry together, but they were tears of joy.
This song has always been significant to me even prior to joining the military and now being an Afghanistan War Veteran, its significance has quadrupled. Hearing that song play in honor of us returning home from war sent cold chills running down my spine. I will never forget that day nor will I ever forget the most famous lyric to that song, I am Proud to be an American. I have witnessed many of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms make the ultimate sacrifice for this great country and I am proud to have served with such noble men and women. I am and always will always remain proud to be a Marine and an American! God bless America!

About Me!

I come from a place called Worthington and that's were all the best people are from. And from there I found out that I wanted to go to the Ohio State University and get a degree in education so can become a teacher. But when I'm not doing homework or going to class I'm usually playing basketball or laying back watching TV at home.

Out of all the memories, from my English 109.01 class, I think the best one would be.... But from the class I learned a lot, like how one of the most important parts of writing is to slow down and organize your thoughts. But what I think I got better at from taking this class was comprehending what I'm reading.
The that I chose to put up was the poem we had to make. I chose this piece because I thought it was the about me. I received my inspiration for the piece from my parents, and it just show how we all love each other.

I picked me snapshot, I chose this piece because i felt it was the funniest. I got the inspiration to write this because everytime me and my friends hang out we talk about this night and how funny it was.
One Bad Night (Snapshot 5)
One night when I was 16 years old my friend Brandon and I spent the night at our friend Michael’s house. The night started off fine, we had just came back from eating and were watching tv in Michael’s living room. We were telling jokes and were having fun until around 1 in the morning. We were pretty much all falling asleep until Michael let his enormous, and annoying dog, Tippy, back in to the house. She became reenergized, like her batteries had just been changed, and started to slobber all over our faces to wake us up. Not even 5 minutes later we hear a “bang,” immediately we proceed to freak out. Collaborating on what we thought was the noise we all agree we think it was a gunshot. At first we don’t know what to do. We decide to turn off the tv, all the lights, and close all the blinds, so no one can see in the house. It is all most pitch black and my heart is pounding inside my chest. We take a quick peek out the blinds and see a car’s lights turn on in the unfinished court next to Michael’s.
Brandon was one of the funniest people I know, he could make anyone laugh, but right now the look of fright on his face was something I had never seen before. Then there was Michael, he played football and was big and was always trying to get bigger, but right now his toughness just flew out the window. Michael finally broke the silence “Dude no one is suppose to be over there, none of the house right finished yet!” The car then takes off. After a couple of minutes we compose ourselves and get ready to go outside and look around. I go to grab my shoes from the front door and double take. I scream “No!” Michael and Brandon come running to me at the front door saying “what, what.” As soon as they reached me they didn’t saw too what had happened. My car was completely white, and shinny. We walked to the car and a smell hit my noise that was the combination of burning and a hint of mistiness. I touched my car and my hands became sticky and slippery. There was shaving cream and saran wrap coving my car from top to bottom. And for the exploding sound it was a huge firework that was placed on top of my car.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Justin and Carlos

We learned that
The beginning to everything was A-Z
That 1+1=2
And being nice to everyone is the way it should be
Even how to tie your shoe
That the world has seven seas
That cows go moo
How about the birds and the bees
To write love letters from me to you
Don’t skip class to be with thee
And homework is always DUE

Poem by Kristina Ezzi and Ashlee Bosh

In school I learned…
Not to start a crab apple war on the playground.
That chewing gum is a sin.
That long division is only meant to confuse us.
Always make sure that a teacher isn’t watching when you table top a fellow student.
That History dates will never be obtained in my memory for longer than maybe a week.
To hold my bladder for ages.
That thirty minutes in not long enough for 200 or more kids to eat lunch.
That we were expected to act as adults, yet we were babysat all day.
How to do jumping jacks in gym class.
How to stare at a blackboard for hours at a time.
That procrastination works 75% of the time.

What We Learned In School By, Stephen, James, and Ahmed

We learned not to play tag at recess,
But we did anyway.
We learned not to argue in class,
But we did anyway.
We learned not to tease the girls,
But we did anyway
We learned not to be irresponsible,
But we were anyway.
We learned to not text in school,
But we do anyways.
We thought relationships were cool,
But they’re not.
We learned working in the food industry sucks,
But we do it anyways.
We learned school is important,
So we don’t miss a day.

Bansari Ribadiya

Neel Patel

We learned in school how to go down a slide while pushing people out of the way so you don't get stuck in the middle.
And we shouldn't talk back to the teachers even if we think we're right and they're wrong because they wont let us listen to our ipods.
Or write dirty poems about them.
We learned popping gum in class too many times after being told not to do so will probably get you a detention.
After 12 years of school we learned to do everything on time. Even if we don't do it.
We also learned that wearing saggy pants only gets you in the principal’s office and not in the cool crowd.
And picking up girls while at the principles office is a rejection.
Furthermore, taking a remote control and trying to turn on the T.V. at school while your teacher is gone doesnt really get you on the " student of the week" board.
We learned why education is important, wanna know why? well we'll get mucho dinero in the future thats the only thing its good for.
They taught us everything but they never taught us how to drive a M6 120mph.How sad :(

What We learned... By Nico Conti and Mohamed Bounif

We learned that ...

We learned that we should never wet towels and hit other people with them while the coach is there.
We learned where every ice cream and fudge store is in Europe
We learned that we should never bad mouth the coach or we will run laps till we fall down
We learned that we should never shoot hornets in class or we will poke someones eye out
We learned that we should not call people who look big for their age fat.
We learned that karma will always come back to you worse.
we learned that we should never kick people when we get upset.
We learned that we should never tell people that they look like a whale even though they are your principle.
We learned to never write anything on the walls in the bathroom or it will be closed for the rest of the year.
We learned that gum is hard to get out of any girls hair even your sister.

What we learned in school by Kara and Emilie

We miss recess!
Ditching is STILL mean
Cartwheels are a little less cool
Tetherball looks so much easier now
Cheerleaders were once not so overrated
It’s debatable whether or not boys still have cooties
Naps are more fun now that we they are not offered
Reading on the carpet…much better than reading on your own
Bagged milk and smiley fries are better than microwaved meals
Elementary School > College

Thursday, November 5, 2009

American Pop Culture

The American pop culture effects each individual in many different ways, pop culture that effects me the most is Sports. I wake up everyday and watch Sportscenter or any other sports show on TV. I have been involved in sports since i was a little guy. I played football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and i wrestled for a few years in high school. I love sports i believe every child should be involved in at least one extracurricular activity growing up. Sports pop culture also plays a huge role in kids lives growing up as far as giving them role models and giving them goals to set for them self to be the best they can at the sport of there liking. Seeing athletes play in the World Series or the Superbowl gives children aspiration and goals to achieve playing sports. This is why i believe that sports pop culture effects my life and many other individuals lives on a daily bases, the ability to strive to be best at what ever u set your mind to Although sports pop culture in the modern era has begun to show some negative influences for young kids growing up.

american culture

Ahmed Abdullahi
Mike Lohre
Journal #9

American culture
American culture is a very wide compared to the whole world. The part of the culture that have big effect to me is a social development, how people communicate and share ideas, without thinking about, what personality or culture you based on.
Documentary movies are biggest factors that influence me for American culture. Regardless of race, documentaries were presented by all kinds of people who talks about, the beginning of British settlers in North America, especially Virginia and New York. American natives were kind of busy struggling with their daily bread, I mean kind of powerless in that period. The British settlers conquered most parts of North America, after they made big firms, their demand was to get heavy labor, which developed in to slavery practice. So a lot of black Africans were brought to United States and some indigenous Europeans to run the cultivation. The British farmers achieved their goal of making extensive agriculture to strength their power against outside enemies. Then those slaves became American natives although their descendent belong to somewhere else.
Those programs were well detailed, which you can feel it the existence. Also is a part of life that we practice every day.

popular culture

One of the things that really influence my life would be soccer. When I was younger I would play soccer with friends. In high school I also played soccer through my junior year. Ever since I was a little soccer was the only sport that we talked about, and followed a lot. I would watch every soccer game possible, and I would watch the world cup every time. When I was younger I didn’t have a favorite team because I was not able to understand the concept of having one, but as I got older I understood more, and now my favorite soccer club is Real Madrid. I like the team because one day I was watching they play, and my dad said that they were one of the best clubs of the world. At first I liked the team because I believed that they were the best, but as I got older I started to pay attention to the players they got, how they were doing in their league, and what everyone else had to say about the team. To this day I still watch all the games that I can, I keep up with some of the players they have, and it’s something that I think will never go away because of how much I like the team.
you can find more information about the team at this website

journal 9

American pop culture mainly influences my life in sports and t.v. shows. The way sports influence my life is to be competitive at just about everything i do. Whether it's at work, a video game or even getting the right answer done in the classroom and before everyone else. The sports media tells you that if your not competitive then you will lose, and no one wants to be thought of as a loser. For example the show Sportscenter on the channel ESPN is full of information regarding sports. Weekly they talk about football and which teams are doing good and the ones that are doing bad. Some of the teams are a disgrace to the game like the St. Lewis Rams who have one of the worst records in the league at 1 win and seven loses. The most competitive teams like the New Orleans Saints who are undefeated.

Journal 9

The American popular culture is influenced by many things. I would have to say the thing that influences me most in my life would be sports. I love to play football and basketball. My favorite college football, and basketball team is Notre Dame. I have always loved Notre Dame. I have always had my favorite players on the team and that's why in high school during my junior year i played wide reciever and tried to play like Jeff Samardzija. He played at Notre Dame in 2005, and 2006. He was so fun to watch and made amazing catches. He was a consensus All American in 2006, and he was rated the 3rd best receiver in 2006. When i played i tried to play like he did, i always tried to make one hand catches like he did, and also i even tried to grow my hair out like he had it. I bought two of his Notre Dame jerseys one that is green and one that is navy blue. I tried to do everything he did on the field, but i wasnt always as successful as he was, and i think he was one of my favorite Notre Dame players ever. http://http//

popular culture on a person

The American popular culture influences me the most because of all the new technology that we use and now that were older we are watching different shows like the news. The way that i get my information is by E-mail, yahoo web page and the news. But the one that i feel most that kids my age are getting all there information from is Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular websites out there today. There are over 5 million people who are signed in to Facebook and this is how we get our information on every topic known to man, and it also connects people to each other and whats going on in the world. also it keeps parents in on what there children are doing and to make sure that nothing shady is going on, and now a lot of jobs look at your Facebooks to see if you are a good person and to see if you would be a good asset to there job. So by using Facebook we get to see whats going on all around the world and whats going on in your neigborhood.

Journal 9

I'm most influenced by American pop culture in my life by a combination of entertainment, and sports. Me and my friends talk about sport, like what happened in the Cav's game last night or who got trade to what team. So I tended to watch sports and pay attention to what's happening on ESPN. If I didn't pay attention I would be left out of the loop and not relate as much with my friends. The Internet site, Facebook, helps me keep in touch with my friends. It makes it easy to find out what's going on with them even if they're in another state. Another Internet site I use is youtube. I find it helps me keep up with the latest music, hilarious videos, and sometimes important events.

Journal 9

American popular culture most influenced me was a music artist, Leona Lewis. I don't think I've liked every song from another artist as I have found by Leona Lewis. Her songs are so powerful and so meaningful that anyone who listens to them will get a chill down their spine. She also has songs of hope for the people in poverty. One of her songs is "Footprints in the Sand" is about how kids all around the world are in poverty and she is there anytime for them to help. I really love her music because she when I can't put my feelings in words. She does the job for me. She isn't an American but she is famous in the U.S. She was discovered by Simon Cowell hence she is beastly.
Not only her songs are amazing but her voice is phenomenal. It is simple yet it is so intense. I used to be in a Choir so I love singing and I stopped singing because I moved to a different city and I wasn't in Choir in the new school but after I discovered Leona I actually did singing outside out choir classes. That is why she is an influence on my life.

The influence of pop culture

The American popular culture has most influence my life through music. Music can be described as something that defines us our helps us express ourselves. I think that is a pretty accurate statement. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially with music genres. For me personally, I can listen to all kinds of music. I like everything from country to rap. Maybe one thing I would not enjoy would be operah. It just so happens though, I have one particular band that comes to mind when I try to think of what influences me best.
A music artist that I choose to be my influence is Coldplay. This is a band that I can recall listening to since they first came out. I love the kind of music they make, their lyrics are really meaningful and make you think. They are not techniquely considered a christian band, but their music is great because it gives an impressionistic value from the lyrics itself. Music itself has a big influence on me and my day because my mood can be easily affected upon it. When I am not doing so good, the simplest thing to help is to turn their CD on in the car. I would say that music can affect and influence us all in that way, as long as we have a good favorite band in mind to listen to.


The American popular culture influences my life in numerous ways. With TV, internet, and radio, it is impossible to dodge the media. News and information is probably one of my biggest influences in my life at this time. For example the magazine Seventeen is a magazine that I read pretty religiously. With having a subscription, I never miss a months worth of updates, advise, and stories about other teens' lives. When reading this magazine I find myself so wrapped up in what people are wearing, who looks hot and who's not, what styles are in or out, and how to rejuvenate my hair and skin. Reading this magazine gives me about 30 minutes worth of time to myself. With such a busy life style I can honestly say this is something I look forward to. Although this may seem a bit obsessive, I do not let this get to my head. Just because I like to read about these things does not mean I spend all my free time obsessing with my appearance.

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The American popular culture influences me the most through networks. Facebook has the greatest effect on me, because I feel like it is addictive. Whenever I have free time I often find myself logging on to the facebook home page. I always check my comments left from friends and check new photo albums that they have posted. This network allows you to get to know people people better. For example you can link your site to a network like the school you attend, that way you can meet people that go to your same school. I consider myself a mild case of facebook obsession, but some of my friends are always on it no matter what. They always know the latest hook ups and break ups. Who knew facebook could have such an effect on our culture. To find more information on this network you can go to

Journal 9, Neel Patel

Basketball is my life. I follow the NBA like there is no tomorrow. Obliviously my favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, not because they have the BEST player in the game, it because that is the only good sport in Ohio. Ever since the Cavs drafted Lebron, I have watched every single Cavs game. Not only he is good basketball player, but he is also a role model for many young kids. He always talks about how education is the most important thing in life you can ever achieve. Since he went straight to the pro without going to college, he feels like he missed out on the college experience and education. This motivates lots of kids who don’t go to school or might think about dropping out. This has influenced me as well. Till this day on I have never liked school, I always felt that school and education were the worst invention ever, but after listening to many people like Lebron and my parents, they have changed my perception on school. I have always thought that people like Lebron and others are just born with a special gift, but I never looked at how much effort they have to put in each and every day to be as good as they are. He had always said that “If you fail, keep trying because one of this day you will be the best one at what you do”. This is why I love watching the Cavs and the King!!

Pop Cultural Journal

American Pop cultural that has most influenced my life with the Columbus Blue Jackets website because I am able to go to their website when ever I want to see video of games or I can listen to the game on the live radio pod cast. Every thing that they have on their website is free, so you have all of the access that you want to have. The program that has been helpful to me because i can go and check the scores to a game if i did not watch it and know what happened before my paper boy delivers my paper to my house. It has influenced me to go to their website and check put what is going on with the team, because they might get sold because of the millions of dollars that Nationwide has lost. Their website has influenced me to follow the team team more because some of the time they are not on TV and their website gives me the privilege of listening to the game or watching the game in high definition if i subscribe to the Network I can check and see if there is any information and see what players they have gotten through trades. Their website is also benoffical because I can get discounts to many things from food to team wear. A link to their website can be found here

Pop Culture

American pop culture influences me by shows like House. This show has a big influence on since it allows me to see how a person is able to express also has a big influence on me since in the future it shows the future of my career and what i have to look forward to.It has shown me that with every action you make in life there is always a reaction, an example of this would be how the main character in the show has had a limping leg since the start of the show and the way he deals with this problem is to take drugs to ease the pain. He really is addicted to the drugs which allows him to be the person he is. It also allowed me to see that life will always send you obstacles along the way to see how much you are determined to get what you want.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal Six

While reading House On Mango Street. i learned that just because you may not live in the best neighborhood you can always find the good in everything. For instence in the chapter The Monkey Garden, we find out that just because this is a junk year the children still find it a place to go and play and have fun. They make it there own play gorund. i did not really see any weaknesses, but i saw alot of strengths in Cisneros writing. i really liked how she described everything and how when you would read you would be able to visibly see what she is talking about in her stories. I also like how her stories are short but yet they are still so deep, and you can get all the information within just a few sentences. My favorite storie would have to be Hairs, i liked this chapter because i like how she used how all there hair looked to describe her family and who they are as a person."My Papa's hair is like a broom, all up in the air". I liked this quote because it says that her papa does not always have the time to brush his hair so sometimes its thick and sticks straight up.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The house of Mango Street book contained a lot of meaningful stories, which can be compared to the life of everyday. Most of those short stories actually have themes that enhance anybodies experience including me. The writers experience influenced many factors, which can safeguard the real human life. The strengthness of this book developed, my mind from one direction to another, how the writer included the scenes and characters, which are very effective in its positive. If the people continue reading and understand the writers main agenda, can make the students to be a writers in the future.
The weakness of the book , is only the quotes that the writer included from the foreign words, which was kind of complicated, I mean some of the words can change the test of the story, and sometimes they are nowhere in the dictionary. But nobody can claim to be perfect.
My favorite story was the red clowns, because it involved on relationship, where the Spanish girl being aggressed, at the same time she was having a dream of what she red from the book and saw in the movie. Later on, everything took different direction, Sally who didn’t look what was expected, having sour lips and many unexpected negative appearance, finally claiming why you lie to me.

journal six

I think that House on Mango Street was a good book, and it was different from other books that I had to read in the past. There were many different key ideas in the book, but the one that I really liked was the idea of hope. Esperazan writes a lot about how she one day will have her own house, and that she was going to move out from where she lived. I learned that you can have dreams no matter what kind of condition you are in, but that if you work hard at it, and put effort to it that your dreams can become reality. One of the strengths that the book had was that it had a lot of creative write, and very descriptive. The stories were short, and to the point with a lot of similes, and metaphors. I would say that one weakness of the book was that she would write about something, and not tell us enough about what she was writing, so it would make me wonder what happen. My favorite story was A House of My own because she talks about how she wants to have her own house. “Not a flat. Not an apartment in back. Not a man’s house. Not a daddy’s. A house all my own”(Cisneros 108). I picked that quote because I think that everyone in here can relate to it because we all want to have I house of our own just like Esperanzan did.

Journal 6-kara

I learned a lot from The House on Mango Street. Although this book is small and filled with short chapters, it has good diction for the reader. I would say the only weakness was they easiness of the read. I liked how Cisneros uses imagery in this book to describe scenes, i would say that is the strength.
My favorite chapter from the end of the book would have to be "The Three Sisters". This whole book i have been rooting for Esperanza to get out the bad town she is and go on to something better for her. Out of nowhere, three old ladies tell her she is going to do just that. "You must remember to come back. For the ones who cannot leave as easily as you" (105). I liked this passage because it is foreshadowing for the rest of the book.

journal 6

The thing I learned from the book The House on Mango Street was how hard it is to live in poor living conditions. Esperanza gives personal accounts of the life she's living in great detail so we can put ourselves in her shoes. Which is one of the strengths to the book. Weaknesses to the book i thought were that she hints to much and sometimes we may get the wrong idea of the point she is trying to make. My favorite story was, "The Monkey Garden", because she creates a good scene for us to imagine. When talking about the monkey garden Esperanza describes how they like to think about the place while they play there, saying "There beneath the roots of soggy flowers were the bones of murdered pirates and dinosaurs, the eye of a unicorn turned to coal". I can relate to this scene she described when i was a kid using my imagination to create a place where i could play and have fun.

Journal #6

The House on The Mango Street is a very interesting book. I learned that no matter how many conflicts you come across you must be strong and learn from those experiences. Strengths of the book were Esperanza actually started showing that she cared of other thought of her and how she was very self consicence about herself. I thought that was a strength because it takes courage to share those moments.The weaknesses were when she wrote about random stories which were about half a page. It never really made sense to me why that was in the book. Although the stories itself made sense.
The story that caught my eye was " Linoleum Roses" because it starts out to be all bunnies and rainbows but once you get closer it turns out to be nothing but problems. Sally is married and she is happy because she doesnt have to pay for things her husband does it but then her husband also beats her which is sad that she has to live a life scared like that. " She sits at home because she is scared to go out with his permission." It just shows that her freedom has gone away after getting married and she is living her life almost as a hostage.

Journal six

I learned a lot about Esperanza and her family by reading the book House On Mango Street. They live in a very poor neighborhood and have always dreamed of a better life. Esperanza's papa and mother always tell the children that their living conditions are temperary and the children always make the best of the situation. This showed me how strong a family can be, as long as they have each other they can manage anything. I also learned that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how impossible they seem.
The main strengths of this book are its sense details and great descriptions. The reader can always picture each scene very clearly because Cisneros allows you to paint a picture in your head with her descriptive language. I don't believe there are any weaknesses for this book, but sometimes it is hard to undersatnd her hidden meanings behind her personal stories. My favorite story from the reading over the weekend is The Monkey Garden. Esperanza and her friends love this garden for it is an escape for them, "This, I suppose, was the reason why we went there. Far away from where our mothers could find us" (Cisneros 95). I understand how nice it is to have a place where you can relax and get away from all the stresses in your life.

The House On Mango Street

In the book The House On Mango Street, I learned about about a girl (Esperanza) and the part of her life spent living on mango street. She seemed to have fun and made new friends, but living on mango street had it's share of hardships for her. Because of her race and the neighborhood she lived in she had to deal with things like prostitution, domestic abuse, being segregated from other races, ect. I thought that one of the strengths from the book was that even though the chapters were short you still received a lot of information. A weakness I saw that even though the language she used helped you get into the story more, I still found it hard to understand at times.
My favorite reading was A House of My Own, where she talkes about having her own place. This was my favorite because in other chapters she talkes about not liking mango street or not having a real home. So it was nice to hear her talk about a place of her own, where she can relax, and calm down, and be herself. "Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem."

Journal 6

I thought this book was very creative, she does a very good job of painting pictures for the reader to develop in there head as there reading. She also uses a lot of of similes and metaphors which makes her writing more interesting. Another reason why i liked this book so much was because some of the stories I could relate to or I knew exactly what she was trying to get across to the reader. One of my favorite stories was "My Name" it used a lot of descriptive language to show how she felt about her name and where it came from. I liked writing the Snapshot on this as well.
A House Of My Own, was my favorite story for today's reading. "Not a Flat, Not an apartment. Not a mans house. Not a daddys house. A house all to my own." I like this because she showing the reader that shes on her own and she doesn't have other people to worry about or people to pick up after its like her own place to be herself and not having any hold backs.

Journal 6

The things that I leanred from this book was to be able to remember where you came from, and to remember what you had to do to get through life everyday. I think that the strengths of this book was the short meaningful stories, and the use of language throughout the book. I think that some of the weaknesses in this book would be the going from different stories to stories. It made a good read but it was had to figure out what place you were in when the author was going to story to story.

My favorite story that we had to read for today would be "The Monkey Garden". The reason I liked this one is because it was showing how the kids were afraid of the monkey that one of their neighbors had. It showed that they are afraid of something that is so wild. I thought it was wierd when Esperonza said "This is where I wanted to die and where I tried one day but not even the monkey garden would have me. It was the last day that I would go there"(Cisneros 96).

Journal 6

What I learned from the book The House On Mango Street is that we can descrided something in many ways, since the author could desribe a new home from the color to how the people who live in the house feel. it has also showed me that how you describe something to someone is the only way to allow someone to see and feel what you feel.

My favorite story would have to be "Mango Says Good Bye Sometimes", it was the story that had ended the book it had showed me the author was showing us that she had put herself in the book where she describes the home as a safe haven for her to express herself and not be afraid of people judging her. I like this story because of the quote "They will not know i have gone away to come back.For the ones i left behind.For the one cannot out", i like this quote because it shows how she fews the world where she is invisbile to everyone who judges her but can be seen by the people who see her for who she is.

The House on Mango Street

From reading The House on Mango Street I was exposed to a writing style that I was not particualry used to. With her short fragmented way of telling stories it was almost a challenge in the beginning. The more I read the book the more I came to appreciate her style. I learned the importance of sense details and how much they truly do emphasize scenes to the reader. She gave sight to the troubles that she felt and the conditions she was exposed to. Being able to travel back in time an tell the stories from a childs perspective is pretty impressive. In my opinion, the book did not have many weaknesses. The random order to the book made it more exciting and enjoyable to me. I thought Cisneros did a great job telling stories in ways that no one else might think of.
Out of the reading for today my favorite story was "The Monkey Garden". In this story Esperanza shows a wide variety of emotions. She goes from being happy and full of excitement to anger and pure sadness. With her friend Sally completely ignoring her in the midst of some boys attention, it is easy to understand the hurt she is experiencing. "I wanted to be dead, to turn into the rain, my eyes melt into the ground like two black snails. I wished I wished" (Cisneros 99). This shows how much Esperanza has bottled up at this particular time. To feel such ways and to wish for such things more than once in this story alone gives you and idea that there is more to the story that was is being presented at this given time.

Journal 6

I thought the House on Mango street was a very creative book. I also liked how Cisneros would describe her characters. I felt she did a good job of describing their personalities, their traits, and their backround. I also liked how she would make the stories in random order and make the book more exciting by doing that. In her stories she wrote about things that were easy for people to relate to, which also helped make it an easy, and exciting read.
One of my favorite stories from today was "A House of My Own" because it was short but she does a good job of describing what it would be like to have her own place. "My two shoes waiting beside the bed. Nobody to shake a stick at. Nobody's garbage to pick up after. Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem." I liked this story because it shows that she dreams of having her own place and that she is determined to have her own place and that it will be a nice place and it will be exactly the way she wants it to be.

Journal Six, Neel Patel

The House on Mango Street was a very interesting book, and different from other books, because the chapter were only a page or two. even though they were only two pages, the book was filled with information, smile and metaphor. i really liked the book. i also learned that family will stay with you no matter what.
my favorite story out of the reading was the A House of My Own. once again its only five or six sentence, she explains how beautiful the house is and why she loves it the way it is. one more thing is that, she rhymes the line. i thought that was very uniqe. The qute in this story was, "Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem". wow just one sentence tells you the whole story. just a great book. awsome.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MY first and current job

My first job was at Vector. I dont know if anyone has heard or it or not because I didnt hear about it til the summer. I got the job in the past was June and I needed something to do besides go to graduation parties every other day. Plus I was in need of mula. I looked into the job because it paid 14.50 an appointment which is basically and hour in vector terms. And it was flexible could work wheneevr you felt like working.
Now the job was to sell kitchen cutlary to homes that you knew or didnt know. The company was called Cutco so it was pretty high quality so the product pretty much sold it self. So i was told at least.
Oh and did i mention i get 10% commision of what i sold and the product was mad expensive so it wasnt like selling icecream to the kids.
SO you would go to someones house or the people you knew and you would do a presentation that we were taught in training( 2 weeks of 6-7 hour of training...someone tell me again why i took this job?) and then usually the customer would just run away or kick you out of their house because of the price or if they were rich enough thy'd buy it and tell amillion other people...thats where i got lucky :) because once more than two people know that number multiplies and it never stops til you get all of them. It took me 4 appointments to sell anything! I was really getting bored with it because I m doing this much work..paying for my gas to go to people's homes and I'm not selling anything so my confidence went down til one day i got a check for 58$..its not a lot but i forgot that the appointments i did still added up and Vector pays weekly. So i went out and did another appointment wheere i sold over a $1000 worth of stuff and when you hit over a thousand you get 14.50 plus 20% commision not 10% and then i sold something every time i did appointments but i only did this for a month because i went on vacation and i sitll have the job i just dont go to it and i m still not fired :)

My First Job

My first (and last job I will ever have) was at SubwCheck Spellingay. I started working there my senior year. I picked subway because a lot of my friends worked there and that was usually the spot to hang out if you were board. I chose to get the job because my parents never really made me get a job but would of liked me to get one. Work at Subway had it's goods and bads. Some days were a piece of cake and others were like pulling teeth. First off by no means was this job hard, the inconvenience came with the customers and our boss, the owner (Scott). Some times we would have the same annoying customers, who just expected you to know what to put on there sandwich even if you were new. "No, no, no, I wanted my chicken cut in to strips, and my tomatoes cut into 1/6." Sometimes you would have to deal with the greatest of all evils to enter subway... "the crab lady." She was a 40 something bulimic lady who ordered the samething everytime. "Can I get a foot long italian herbs and cheese, quadruple crab, onions, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, spinach, and lots of sweet onion sauce... toasted." No one liked making this sub because it was so rediculous to deal with, you couldn't even close it. Then the last burden of subway was Scott, who was never there, but when he was he would try to help out, but he only got in the way since he really didn't know what he was doing. Other then all that stuff subway was sweet, you could look at your facebook, eat food, give free food away (which I did alot), or if you really needed money you could steal money. But still at the end of the day you would smell like Subway and it would be late, so that or any other job out there just isn't for me.

My First Job

My First Job was definatly not my most favorite job, when I was a freshman in high school I applied at a local grocery store called Weilands. I appied to be a bagger and only work 15-20 hours. M y First day was not very enjoyable I expected bagging to be fun but when the other bagger didn't show up I had to do all three lines at the registers. In addition to bagging their groceries I,also was required to carry their groceries to their car even in pouring down rain. I remember on my first day it was raining really hard and thundering and lightning, and I went to go get a rain coat but my manager who was watching me but didn't feel any inclination to help said "where do you think your going, you see how busy we are you don't need that do you, your a man right I didn't hire any girl did I now hurry up and take these out." Other than taking out groceries, and bagging them I also had other jobs, such as unloading the trucks with new groceries, which was very hard but was cool because I always got 15 dollars from the truck driver for doing it withouyt complaining, I also had to clean up around the store whenever someone spilled, and i always was told that i needed to restock. My first job was hard but i liked that because it would make the time go by faster. That was my first Job which i had for 2 years.

My First Job

My First Job

My first Job, I feel it was forever ago. I was 14 and wanted to make money, there was only a few places that would hire at 14; so I applied at Kroger’s. Being so young and working I defiantly experienced a lot in the work force. I had easy hours working from 4-6 M-F, and 4 hour shifts on the weekends. I worked as a bagger, bagging groceries for just about every customer that came through the line, hoping to make a tip or two. My best tip was 20 dollars from an old lady who I think must of pulled the wrong bill out of her wallet, although she said "here you go young man save this and buy yourself a nice house one day" still to the day i dont believe she ment to give me 20, unless she thought I was cute. Other than bagging groceries, I performed other task such cleaning around the store or replacing merchandise people did not want once they reached the checkout line. It was a fun job, although it sucked a lot of times. For instance, when it was cold outside we were still required to take groceries to the car lugging the cart through inches or a foot snow, pouring down rain, and tornado gusting winds blowing me all over the parking lot. This was all made better by the 2 dollar tip id hopefully walk away with from the customer. This was my first job.

my first job

Snapshot three: My first job
My very first job that I had was working at McDonald’s as a cashier. Many of you would say that working at McDonald’s is the worst job you can have but to extend it can be fun. On the first day there I remember that one of the managers said “you’re going to enjoy working here” and I said to her “am I really going to enjoy it?” and she responded “of course you are as long as you make fun for your self”. I felt like I was a one year that was learning how to walk again because of how much I had to learn. McDonald’s is like an airport people just keep coming and leaving through out the day and at the same time when ever people stop coming, which rarely happens, they expect you to be cleaning, stocking your area, or following a specific order given by the manager. But is not just about working you got thirty minutes to your self, during that time you could eat, sleep, or do what ever you want. This was my favorite part of my job because I got to relax and I could get a free meal, which I always did. Working at McDonald’s was not a bad idea because I was able to learn everything that I needed to learn with in two weeks.

my first job

Ahmed Abdullahi
Snapshot: 3
My job
Beside the community service, my first job was a warehousing company called limited logistics service, which is located two miles away from our home. It was my last year to finish my senior in high school; actually the job was not easy to handle such a person like me. Most of the people are very strong and energetic how easily they take their duties, although a lot of those associate look more talented then me in terms of job status.
Fortunately one of my old friends was working there, he explained for me everything, but still nothing look easy. After couple weeks situation was getting better, I was received my first paycheck ever, as you know money reliefs a lot of problems. The management of the company based on honest, teamwork and supportive this really encourages me to become more efficient in my future. Although is very hard to work such a young man like in such places. My department is packing, hopefully that was one of the easiest departments in my company, my supervisor whose named came to me one of the mornings and ask me
“Can you please help shipping department” Jarrod said
“ No problem, but how?”
Shipping department was very tough and confusing, I go ahead and followed the instruction he give to me, but nothing much, he told me keep the running conveyer on eye, it was just as easy as it is. Now I am still working the same place as a part time associate.