Tuesday, December 1, 2009

last english class

Hi my name is Nico Conti. I come from Westerville, OH and i attended St. Francis Desales for high school. I plan on becoming a radiologist, and working in a hospital in the Columbus area when I graduate. I hope I can get into the allied med program here at Ohio State. Some of the hobbies that like to do are play hockey. I plan on coaching for my old high school team at some time with in the next year or two.

My strongest memory form this class is reading the book "The House on Mango Street". I like this book because it was a read that was simple the stories in the book were short but had a lot of meaning. What i learned from the writing process is to brainstorm what you are going to be writing about. I learned that the first thing that comes to your head could not always be the best thing to write about, which happened to me on most of the papers. I thought that I could get a lot of information about the subject that came to me first but i could not get enough info. I saw my self grow the most in the peer editing. I used to not be able to find out what was wrong with other peoples papers. But now i am able to see the things that they have done wrong and help them if they need it.

The piece of writing that i am going to share with you is Snapshot 1. I choose this one because it talks about my name and some of the names that i was known as in high school. The inspiration that i have to put this writing in here is because it tells a little bit more about my self.

My Name

From the italian meaning my name means victorious people. In greek it means victory of the people. As the legend goes Niccholas saved the daughters of a poor man from lives of prostitution. He is the parton saint of children, sailors, ad merchents. He formed the name of Santa Clause who is the bringer of presents.

I think tht this name is good because it has alot of symbolic meaning and it also shows my relogion. I think my name shows the caring side of me and how i treat everyone with the sae respect. My name is bold as the person that i am named after.

Some of my nicknames that I have gotten throughout my life are Nico, which is the name that I go by. Nicola, which is what i was known as in my italian class in high school. Nick is what i get called by some of my relatives. Nicolai, which I was called by some of my coaches in sports i played in high school. Yes. Something like Nico will do.

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