Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Name "EVER" First Name "Greatest"

My name is Justin Dalhamer. I was born and raised in Hilliard Ohio. I’m currently attending Ohio State University and studying Criminology. One of many hobbies I enjoy is sports; I love football and I’m a diehard 49ers fan.

One of my strongest memories In English this year was when we watched the movie Hobart Shakespearians. It really influenced me to be thankful for the great teachers I’ve had in my life. This class has also helped me improve my writing process and become a creative thinker. I’ve seen myself grow a lot as a reader, I read a lot faster and take in more as I’m reading now.

The piece of writing I chose for this assignment had a big effect on me. I had a lot fun writing the snapshot because I had live memories to relive. The inspiration for the writing came from my love for my country. God Bless the USA!!!

God Bless The USA!!!

I was on my way home from Afghanistan, elated that I would shortly be back on American soil for the first time in 10 months. I missed everything back home- from my family to music on the radio. I have always been a music lover and so easily affected by the lyrics of songs. After being gone for 10 months I was so anxious to get up to speed and hear all of the current hits. As my platoon’s bus pulled up to Camp Lejeune we were greeted by both family and friends going crazy, waving signs and screaming our names. As I stepped foot off the bus I was bummed rushed by my mom and siblings, I was so happy to be home. However, my tremendous greeting from my family is not the only thing that sticks out in my mind. When I got off the bus there was music playing in the background. It was my favorite song, Proud to Be an American. The lyrics hit closer to home now more than ever. My family and I began to cry together, but they were tears of joy.
This song has always been significant to me even prior to joining the military and now being an Afghanistan War Veteran, its significance has quadrupled. Hearing that song play in honor of us returning home from war sent cold chills running down my spine. I will never forget that day nor will I ever forget the most famous lyric to that song, I am Proud to be an American. I have witnessed many of my fellow brothers and sisters in arms make the ultimate sacrifice for this great country and I am proud to have served with such noble men and women. I am and always will always remain proud to be a Marine and an American! God bless America!

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  1. Hahaha....good title...i wonder where u got that from.lol