Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our last english 109.01 class

I come from a family of four including me. I grew up in the city of Dublin, Ohio. I have decided that I would study the subject of biology. With this degree I plan to later study radiology or pharmacy. My hobbies are pretty boring video games and working out are the main ones.
My strongest memory from English 109.01 was all of the creative writing we did. The writing process is a lot longer than it seems or what I used to do for papers. I saw myself grow the most as a reader by being able to pick out key events and characters.
My snapshot that I will be sharing with the class is about my name. I chose this snapshot because I thought I did a good job on it. The inspiration for this snapshot was to let people know why my name is what it is. The theme is to get to know me a little bit from what my name is and the way I describe it.
Stephen Livingston is my name. My parents told me that they thought of St. Stephen when they were thinking of names for me, and that’s how I got my name. I don’t really mind the name Stephen it’s not a very unique name kind of like wonder bread, plane and boring. Some people call me Steve-o a stunt fanatic addicted to drugs, but I’m nothing like that so I don’t know why they call me that.
I feel like people get the wrong impression of me when they use that name, but I just let it go. Another nick name is Livo a combination of Steve-o and my last name which is good and better than just Stephen, but I don’t really like it. My favorite name is Livingston; I guess it’s because that’s what my favorite teacher in high school used to call me. I really like the name will because it reminds me of one of my favorite comedians, Will Ferril who is sarcastic just like me. Yes. Something like Will, will do.

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