Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal Six

While reading House On Mango Street. i learned that just because you may not live in the best neighborhood you can always find the good in everything. For instence in the chapter The Monkey Garden, we find out that just because this is a junk year the children still find it a place to go and play and have fun. They make it there own play gorund. i did not really see any weaknesses, but i saw alot of strengths in Cisneros writing. i really liked how she described everything and how when you would read you would be able to visibly see what she is talking about in her stories. I also like how her stories are short but yet they are still so deep, and you can get all the information within just a few sentences. My favorite storie would have to be Hairs, i liked this chapter because i like how she used how all there hair looked to describe her family and who they are as a person."My Papa's hair is like a broom, all up in the air". I liked this quote because it says that her papa does not always have the time to brush his hair so sometimes its thick and sticks straight up.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The house of Mango Street book contained a lot of meaningful stories, which can be compared to the life of everyday. Most of those short stories actually have themes that enhance anybodies experience including me. The writers experience influenced many factors, which can safeguard the real human life. The strengthness of this book developed, my mind from one direction to another, how the writer included the scenes and characters, which are very effective in its positive. If the people continue reading and understand the writers main agenda, can make the students to be a writers in the future.
The weakness of the book , is only the quotes that the writer included from the foreign words, which was kind of complicated, I mean some of the words can change the test of the story, and sometimes they are nowhere in the dictionary. But nobody can claim to be perfect.
My favorite story was the red clowns, because it involved on relationship, where the Spanish girl being aggressed, at the same time she was having a dream of what she red from the book and saw in the movie. Later on, everything took different direction, Sally who didn’t look what was expected, having sour lips and many unexpected negative appearance, finally claiming why you lie to me.

journal six

I think that House on Mango Street was a good book, and it was different from other books that I had to read in the past. There were many different key ideas in the book, but the one that I really liked was the idea of hope. Esperazan writes a lot about how she one day will have her own house, and that she was going to move out from where she lived. I learned that you can have dreams no matter what kind of condition you are in, but that if you work hard at it, and put effort to it that your dreams can become reality. One of the strengths that the book had was that it had a lot of creative write, and very descriptive. The stories were short, and to the point with a lot of similes, and metaphors. I would say that one weakness of the book was that she would write about something, and not tell us enough about what she was writing, so it would make me wonder what happen. My favorite story was A House of My own because she talks about how she wants to have her own house. “Not a flat. Not an apartment in back. Not a man’s house. Not a daddy’s. A house all my own”(Cisneros 108). I picked that quote because I think that everyone in here can relate to it because we all want to have I house of our own just like Esperanzan did.

Journal 6-kara

I learned a lot from The House on Mango Street. Although this book is small and filled with short chapters, it has good diction for the reader. I would say the only weakness was they easiness of the read. I liked how Cisneros uses imagery in this book to describe scenes, i would say that is the strength.
My favorite chapter from the end of the book would have to be "The Three Sisters". This whole book i have been rooting for Esperanza to get out the bad town she is and go on to something better for her. Out of nowhere, three old ladies tell her she is going to do just that. "You must remember to come back. For the ones who cannot leave as easily as you" (105). I liked this passage because it is foreshadowing for the rest of the book.

journal 6

The thing I learned from the book The House on Mango Street was how hard it is to live in poor living conditions. Esperanza gives personal accounts of the life she's living in great detail so we can put ourselves in her shoes. Which is one of the strengths to the book. Weaknesses to the book i thought were that she hints to much and sometimes we may get the wrong idea of the point she is trying to make. My favorite story was, "The Monkey Garden", because she creates a good scene for us to imagine. When talking about the monkey garden Esperanza describes how they like to think about the place while they play there, saying "There beneath the roots of soggy flowers were the bones of murdered pirates and dinosaurs, the eye of a unicorn turned to coal". I can relate to this scene she described when i was a kid using my imagination to create a place where i could play and have fun.

Journal #6

The House on The Mango Street is a very interesting book. I learned that no matter how many conflicts you come across you must be strong and learn from those experiences. Strengths of the book were Esperanza actually started showing that she cared of other thought of her and how she was very self consicence about herself. I thought that was a strength because it takes courage to share those moments.The weaknesses were when she wrote about random stories which were about half a page. It never really made sense to me why that was in the book. Although the stories itself made sense.
The story that caught my eye was " Linoleum Roses" because it starts out to be all bunnies and rainbows but once you get closer it turns out to be nothing but problems. Sally is married and she is happy because she doesnt have to pay for things her husband does it but then her husband also beats her which is sad that she has to live a life scared like that. " She sits at home because she is scared to go out with his permission." It just shows that her freedom has gone away after getting married and she is living her life almost as a hostage.

Journal six

I learned a lot about Esperanza and her family by reading the book House On Mango Street. They live in a very poor neighborhood and have always dreamed of a better life. Esperanza's papa and mother always tell the children that their living conditions are temperary and the children always make the best of the situation. This showed me how strong a family can be, as long as they have each other they can manage anything. I also learned that you should never give up on your dreams no matter how impossible they seem.
The main strengths of this book are its sense details and great descriptions. The reader can always picture each scene very clearly because Cisneros allows you to paint a picture in your head with her descriptive language. I don't believe there are any weaknesses for this book, but sometimes it is hard to undersatnd her hidden meanings behind her personal stories. My favorite story from the reading over the weekend is The Monkey Garden. Esperanza and her friends love this garden for it is an escape for them, "This, I suppose, was the reason why we went there. Far away from where our mothers could find us" (Cisneros 95). I understand how nice it is to have a place where you can relax and get away from all the stresses in your life.

The House On Mango Street

In the book The House On Mango Street, I learned about about a girl (Esperanza) and the part of her life spent living on mango street. She seemed to have fun and made new friends, but living on mango street had it's share of hardships for her. Because of her race and the neighborhood she lived in she had to deal with things like prostitution, domestic abuse, being segregated from other races, ect. I thought that one of the strengths from the book was that even though the chapters were short you still received a lot of information. A weakness I saw that even though the language she used helped you get into the story more, I still found it hard to understand at times.
My favorite reading was A House of My Own, where she talkes about having her own place. This was my favorite because in other chapters she talkes about not liking mango street or not having a real home. So it was nice to hear her talk about a place of her own, where she can relax, and calm down, and be herself. "Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem."

Journal 6

I thought this book was very creative, she does a very good job of painting pictures for the reader to develop in there head as there reading. She also uses a lot of of similes and metaphors which makes her writing more interesting. Another reason why i liked this book so much was because some of the stories I could relate to or I knew exactly what she was trying to get across to the reader. One of my favorite stories was "My Name" it used a lot of descriptive language to show how she felt about her name and where it came from. I liked writing the Snapshot on this as well.
A House Of My Own, was my favorite story for today's reading. "Not a Flat, Not an apartment. Not a mans house. Not a daddys house. A house all to my own." I like this because she showing the reader that shes on her own and she doesn't have other people to worry about or people to pick up after its like her own place to be herself and not having any hold backs.

Journal 6

The things that I leanred from this book was to be able to remember where you came from, and to remember what you had to do to get through life everyday. I think that the strengths of this book was the short meaningful stories, and the use of language throughout the book. I think that some of the weaknesses in this book would be the going from different stories to stories. It made a good read but it was had to figure out what place you were in when the author was going to story to story.

My favorite story that we had to read for today would be "The Monkey Garden". The reason I liked this one is because it was showing how the kids were afraid of the monkey that one of their neighbors had. It showed that they are afraid of something that is so wild. I thought it was wierd when Esperonza said "This is where I wanted to die and where I tried one day but not even the monkey garden would have me. It was the last day that I would go there"(Cisneros 96).

Journal 6

What I learned from the book The House On Mango Street is that we can descrided something in many ways, since the author could desribe a new home from the color to how the people who live in the house feel. it has also showed me that how you describe something to someone is the only way to allow someone to see and feel what you feel.

My favorite story would have to be "Mango Says Good Bye Sometimes", it was the story that had ended the book it had showed me the author was showing us that she had put herself in the book where she describes the home as a safe haven for her to express herself and not be afraid of people judging her. I like this story because of the quote "They will not know i have gone away to come back.For the ones i left behind.For the one cannot out", i like this quote because it shows how she fews the world where she is invisbile to everyone who judges her but can be seen by the people who see her for who she is.

The House on Mango Street

From reading The House on Mango Street I was exposed to a writing style that I was not particualry used to. With her short fragmented way of telling stories it was almost a challenge in the beginning. The more I read the book the more I came to appreciate her style. I learned the importance of sense details and how much they truly do emphasize scenes to the reader. She gave sight to the troubles that she felt and the conditions she was exposed to. Being able to travel back in time an tell the stories from a childs perspective is pretty impressive. In my opinion, the book did not have many weaknesses. The random order to the book made it more exciting and enjoyable to me. I thought Cisneros did a great job telling stories in ways that no one else might think of.
Out of the reading for today my favorite story was "The Monkey Garden". In this story Esperanza shows a wide variety of emotions. She goes from being happy and full of excitement to anger and pure sadness. With her friend Sally completely ignoring her in the midst of some boys attention, it is easy to understand the hurt she is experiencing. "I wanted to be dead, to turn into the rain, my eyes melt into the ground like two black snails. I wished I wished" (Cisneros 99). This shows how much Esperanza has bottled up at this particular time. To feel such ways and to wish for such things more than once in this story alone gives you and idea that there is more to the story that was is being presented at this given time.

Journal 6

I thought the House on Mango street was a very creative book. I also liked how Cisneros would describe her characters. I felt she did a good job of describing their personalities, their traits, and their backround. I also liked how she would make the stories in random order and make the book more exciting by doing that. In her stories she wrote about things that were easy for people to relate to, which also helped make it an easy, and exciting read.
One of my favorite stories from today was "A House of My Own" because it was short but she does a good job of describing what it would be like to have her own place. "My two shoes waiting beside the bed. Nobody to shake a stick at. Nobody's garbage to pick up after. Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem." I liked this story because it shows that she dreams of having her own place and that she is determined to have her own place and that it will be a nice place and it will be exactly the way she wants it to be.

Journal Six, Neel Patel

The House on Mango Street was a very interesting book, and different from other books, because the chapter were only a page or two. even though they were only two pages, the book was filled with information, smile and metaphor. i really liked the book. i also learned that family will stay with you no matter what.
my favorite story out of the reading was the A House of My Own. once again its only five or six sentence, she explains how beautiful the house is and why she loves it the way it is. one more thing is that, she rhymes the line. i thought that was very uniqe. The qute in this story was, "Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem". wow just one sentence tells you the whole story. just a great book. awsome.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MY first and current job

My first job was at Vector. I dont know if anyone has heard or it or not because I didnt hear about it til the summer. I got the job in the past was June and I needed something to do besides go to graduation parties every other day. Plus I was in need of mula. I looked into the job because it paid 14.50 an appointment which is basically and hour in vector terms. And it was flexible could work wheneevr you felt like working.
Now the job was to sell kitchen cutlary to homes that you knew or didnt know. The company was called Cutco so it was pretty high quality so the product pretty much sold it self. So i was told at least.
Oh and did i mention i get 10% commision of what i sold and the product was mad expensive so it wasnt like selling icecream to the kids.
SO you would go to someones house or the people you knew and you would do a presentation that we were taught in training( 2 weeks of 6-7 hour of training...someone tell me again why i took this job?) and then usually the customer would just run away or kick you out of their house because of the price or if they were rich enough thy'd buy it and tell amillion other people...thats where i got lucky :) because once more than two people know that number multiplies and it never stops til you get all of them. It took me 4 appointments to sell anything! I was really getting bored with it because I m doing this much work..paying for my gas to go to people's homes and I'm not selling anything so my confidence went down til one day i got a check for 58$..its not a lot but i forgot that the appointments i did still added up and Vector pays weekly. So i went out and did another appointment wheere i sold over a $1000 worth of stuff and when you hit over a thousand you get 14.50 plus 20% commision not 10% and then i sold something every time i did appointments but i only did this for a month because i went on vacation and i sitll have the job i just dont go to it and i m still not fired :)

My First Job

My first (and last job I will ever have) was at SubwCheck Spellingay. I started working there my senior year. I picked subway because a lot of my friends worked there and that was usually the spot to hang out if you were board. I chose to get the job because my parents never really made me get a job but would of liked me to get one. Work at Subway had it's goods and bads. Some days were a piece of cake and others were like pulling teeth. First off by no means was this job hard, the inconvenience came with the customers and our boss, the owner (Scott). Some times we would have the same annoying customers, who just expected you to know what to put on there sandwich even if you were new. "No, no, no, I wanted my chicken cut in to strips, and my tomatoes cut into 1/6." Sometimes you would have to deal with the greatest of all evils to enter subway... "the crab lady." She was a 40 something bulimic lady who ordered the samething everytime. "Can I get a foot long italian herbs and cheese, quadruple crab, onions, green peppers, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, spinach, and lots of sweet onion sauce... toasted." No one liked making this sub because it was so rediculous to deal with, you couldn't even close it. Then the last burden of subway was Scott, who was never there, but when he was he would try to help out, but he only got in the way since he really didn't know what he was doing. Other then all that stuff subway was sweet, you could look at your facebook, eat food, give free food away (which I did alot), or if you really needed money you could steal money. But still at the end of the day you would smell like Subway and it would be late, so that or any other job out there just isn't for me.

My First Job

My First Job was definatly not my most favorite job, when I was a freshman in high school I applied at a local grocery store called Weilands. I appied to be a bagger and only work 15-20 hours. M y First day was not very enjoyable I expected bagging to be fun but when the other bagger didn't show up I had to do all three lines at the registers. In addition to bagging their groceries I,also was required to carry their groceries to their car even in pouring down rain. I remember on my first day it was raining really hard and thundering and lightning, and I went to go get a rain coat but my manager who was watching me but didn't feel any inclination to help said "where do you think your going, you see how busy we are you don't need that do you, your a man right I didn't hire any girl did I now hurry up and take these out." Other than taking out groceries, and bagging them I also had other jobs, such as unloading the trucks with new groceries, which was very hard but was cool because I always got 15 dollars from the truck driver for doing it withouyt complaining, I also had to clean up around the store whenever someone spilled, and i always was told that i needed to restock. My first job was hard but i liked that because it would make the time go by faster. That was my first Job which i had for 2 years.

My First Job

My First Job

My first Job, I feel it was forever ago. I was 14 and wanted to make money, there was only a few places that would hire at 14; so I applied at Kroger’s. Being so young and working I defiantly experienced a lot in the work force. I had easy hours working from 4-6 M-F, and 4 hour shifts on the weekends. I worked as a bagger, bagging groceries for just about every customer that came through the line, hoping to make a tip or two. My best tip was 20 dollars from an old lady who I think must of pulled the wrong bill out of her wallet, although she said "here you go young man save this and buy yourself a nice house one day" still to the day i dont believe she ment to give me 20, unless she thought I was cute. Other than bagging groceries, I performed other task such cleaning around the store or replacing merchandise people did not want once they reached the checkout line. It was a fun job, although it sucked a lot of times. For instance, when it was cold outside we were still required to take groceries to the car lugging the cart through inches or a foot snow, pouring down rain, and tornado gusting winds blowing me all over the parking lot. This was all made better by the 2 dollar tip id hopefully walk away with from the customer. This was my first job.

my first job

Snapshot three: My first job
My very first job that I had was working at McDonald’s as a cashier. Many of you would say that working at McDonald’s is the worst job you can have but to extend it can be fun. On the first day there I remember that one of the managers said “you’re going to enjoy working here” and I said to her “am I really going to enjoy it?” and she responded “of course you are as long as you make fun for your self”. I felt like I was a one year that was learning how to walk again because of how much I had to learn. McDonald’s is like an airport people just keep coming and leaving through out the day and at the same time when ever people stop coming, which rarely happens, they expect you to be cleaning, stocking your area, or following a specific order given by the manager. But is not just about working you got thirty minutes to your self, during that time you could eat, sleep, or do what ever you want. This was my favorite part of my job because I got to relax and I could get a free meal, which I always did. Working at McDonald’s was not a bad idea because I was able to learn everything that I needed to learn with in two weeks.

my first job

Ahmed Abdullahi
Snapshot: 3
My job
Beside the community service, my first job was a warehousing company called limited logistics service, which is located two miles away from our home. It was my last year to finish my senior in high school; actually the job was not easy to handle such a person like me. Most of the people are very strong and energetic how easily they take their duties, although a lot of those associate look more talented then me in terms of job status.
Fortunately one of my old friends was working there, he explained for me everything, but still nothing look easy. After couple weeks situation was getting better, I was received my first paycheck ever, as you know money reliefs a lot of problems. The management of the company based on honest, teamwork and supportive this really encourages me to become more efficient in my future. Although is very hard to work such a young man like in such places. My department is packing, hopefully that was one of the easiest departments in my company, my supervisor whose named came to me one of the mornings and ask me
“Can you please help shipping department” Jarrod said
“ No problem, but how?”
Shipping department was very tough and confusing, I go ahead and followed the instruction he give to me, but nothing much, he told me keep the running conveyer on eye, it was just as easy as it is. Now I am still working the same place as a part time associate.

My first job

My first job that i had was when I was when i was a sophmore and a junior in high school. I worked at Kroger. I was a bagger and a cart collecter. It was the worst job possible. Your hours were never constant and you akways had to work if you needed the day off. Working there was the worst thing because you had to pay union fees which would take more money out of you weekely pay check. Also when it would rain you had to go out and collect the carts. It was even worse when it was thundering and lightening because they still made you go out and get them. When some one came down the isle to check out you always had to say with a smile
"Hi is there anything you need help with"
"No I am fine" they would always say"
and after they check out you have to say
"Thank you have a nice day"
And every time i got a response of nothing.
It was hard for me to work there becase i had to get there right after school and half the time i could get there with one minute to spair before i am late. Also my friends would always come in and say when you getting off and i would tell them i just started. It was hard for me because i missed out on so many things. But I had to work in order to play for hockey and my equipment.

My First Job

Mohamed Bounif

My first job was around my junior year in high school I had created my own business for cutting peoples grass ans shoveling their driveways during the winter, because where I used to live their were a lot of elderly people who where unable or did not want to cut their grass so I took the opportunity by going door to door and asking I they wanted me to help with a reasonable price.
Me: hello how are you doing
Customer: fine is there something you need
Me: yes i was wondering if you need help shoveling your driveway
Customer: thank you dear
Me: no problem
Well I had started cutting grass in the spring/summer since by the time I started this we were already out of winter. It was a nightmare I had to cut the grass for six houses in the same day so would start form 11am to 7pm, by the time I was done it felt like I ran a marathon. Well after time I got used to it and it was successful for that year till that day. Where a professional company and took my customers with cheaper labor and it was done faster. So now I am out of job takes to my next door neighbor

Snapshot Three

My first job was at a shoe store called Famous Footwear, I started working there last June. I can remember the first day that they called me. I was out with my friends hanging out around down town Powell when my phone rang.


"Hi, my names Josh, I work at Famous Footwear"

"Oh Hi"

"Yeah, we were wondering when you could come in and start working"

"Um, Tomorrow"

"Alright sounds good, see you then"

After that I was so excited! I didn't know what to do. So I went home and went to bed early.
The next day was a Saturday and I had to be at work by 9am, once I got there I was put straight to work. Opening boxes and getting cardbord cuts while trying to put everything away. I had to put out all the new shoes, make sure that some were lefted, different colored socks on the wall, ringing people out and lots of other things. All I remember is that, that was the hardest day I have ever worked in my entire life! From then on it got easier, now all I do is stand at the front of the store and ring people out. I have worked at Famous Footwear for over a year now and i could tell you anything you wanted to know about a shoe, but i love going to work everyday and helping people with there shoe problems.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first job-kara

My first job was at a clothing store in the mall called Delia’s. My best friend at the time worked there so I though it would be fun, super easy, and I would get a great discount! What I remember most about this job is always thinking, “how soon until I get off?” For the first couple months, the managers did not bother to teach me how to work the register, so all I did for hours at a time was fold clothes over and over and over again. And once I would finish one job, my boss would say, “Kara, go fold the jean wall.” (Which had about a million different pairs located on it.) I was a caged in bird forced to put a smile on. It also did not help that little girls would mess up piles right after I folded them! I expected folding in the retail industry, but definitely not perfection such as this store demanded. Once I started working the register though, things got better. I was listening to “Excuse me, find me a different size in this.” Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of respect for people who work in retail, because I know how hard it is, I just know now that it is not the job for me.

My First Job

I got my first job the summer after I graduated from high school. I decided I wanted to work at Graffiti Burger a new personally owned business. My first day on the job was probably the worst day I’ve worked there. I started in the afternoon; they welcomed me with by putting me on the dish tank. The dish tank is in the back of the kitchen and is a one man job. It consists of three sinks one for washing the dishes another for rinsing them off and the last one to sanitize them. So I began to wash dishes thinking I would only be back there for an hour or so then they would take me off them. I was wrong; I washed dishes for three hours straight. While doing the dishes the night crew was coming in for the start of their shift and one person named David came up to me and said “it’s your first day isn’t it?”
I replied “yeah it is.”
And he said back to me “I thought so we all did dishes our first day don’t worry about it.”
This didn’t make me feel that bad that I was doing dishes anymore. After doing dishes for three hours they called me out to the grill where we cook the burgers. I was soaked to the bone at this point, and it looked like I had gotten in a squirt gun fight. The first thing I noticed about being next to the grill was that it’s probably the hottest place to stand in the whole restaurant. It’s so hot that I started to break a little sweat that I could feel building up on my back and forehead. As more and more people come in and order food I have to put more patties down on the grill, and eventually the five by three foot grill is completely full, maybe about thirty patties. The patties need to be flipped when you see grease start to accumulate around the edges of the patties. After flipping the patties they start to sizzle in the grease and sizzle and steam so that the grease from the grill gets into the air and lands all over my face and arms. It feels like rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline on your arms and face. When the patties are done cooking we top them with cheese and place them on the bun so that the burger can be completed. Finally they told me I was allowed to go home. I felt awful after being soaked by water, covered in grease and sweat all over my body. I smelled like a burger and felt like one too. It is a very dirty job but it’s an income of money so I can’t complain.

snapshot 3

My first job was at Barnes and Noble and let me tell you people are snobs about their coffee. When entering the store the scent of brewed coffee and fresh baked cookies fill my nostrils. Rows of books as far as the eye can see, topics ranging from anywhere on how to cook a turkey to anime comic. Tall, grande and ventis cups are stacked up like mountains, and the sound of milk being steamed fills the air. A regular customer named Tony can be detected as soon as he approaches the café by his over powering cologne, like always he gets his usual tall coffee to go and gives me the change of fifty two cents as a tip. I hear the tip tap of heels making their way to the café and I know this woman will be a hand full.
“Excuse me, may I have a grande non-fat, upside down, sugar free iced caramel latte with an extra shot.”
I slowly turn around and see a very agitated woman who wears too much make up; she is tapping her fingers on the counter impatiently. I hand her the drink that took almost five minutes to make and tell her to have a nice day.
“Uh huh. Thanks.”
This is what I get in return, and then I think to myself, “Only three more hours then I’m free.”

Well, aside from all the babysitting jobs and little things for money here and there, I guess you could say my first real job was at Smith Dining Hall, located on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University. At the age of sixteen I could now drive, meaning I could now get a job to pay for gas, insurance and whatever else it was that I wanted to do.
Lucky for me my best friend, Marla already worked there, (also how I was introduced to the job in the first place.) so I wasn't too terribly nervous. It definitely was a leap from my comfort zone, that is for sure. It wasn't the fun and games that babysitting played out to be. It was business and I was just another employee keeping this place going.
Starting out as a cashier wasn't that bad. I got to greet people and best of all I wasn't messy one bit. Then we closed and the dirty work came reeling in full of soapy water and a long wooden mop. Working ten hour days on the weekends and five hour days during the week kept me rather, tired. On top if that, school, family and friends it was impossible to find peace.
"Today you're porter," Dan said.
"Okay... what do I do?" I asked.
"Oh it's easy, you just gotta keep everything in the salad bar, deli, and dessert bar full the whole time we're open!"
This made for a long night that was for sure. One little person can only move so fast! Trying to help each other out, Marla and I would always pitch in for one another when things got a little to far out of hand. Eventually Dan, our boss, caught on and we were no longer allowed to work together because "we had too much fun". If he only knew... that job was anything BUT fun let me tell you.
One good thing about working there was all the free food. We snacked more than we should have, ate lunch a little too often, and played a little too much, but it was the only things we could do to keep us going. But those times are over now and we're both on to the next job.

Snapshot Three, Neel Patel

Neel Patel
Snapshot Three: My First Job
My first job was at Tim Horton’s. I hated working there, because I was only 16 at that time and all my friends would be playing outside or hanging out and I would be working. Since I was the youngest there, I always got picked on, but there were some good memories that I will never forget. One time a customer came in and asked me for a diet cherry coke. Since we only had four drinks, I mixed the fruit punch, coke, and Dr. pepper and gave it to him. The manager was a good friend of mine so we goofed around a lot. At that time we also had free refills on drinks so the customer came back and asked my manager for diet cherry coke, and he said that we don’t sell that, so I ran up there and told him that we just started selling them like yesterday. The manager knew that this was a joke and he just let me do it. I will never forget this experience I had. Even though I hated working there but I learned a lot and met some of the coolest people in the world.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ahmed Abdullah
Engish 109.2
Mike lohre
Journal 5
Elinta cards, palm, and water

The story that really was very interesting was Elinta cards, palm, and water. This is the book from the house of mango street. This story had lot complexities in terms of life. This story contained very wonderful thoughts, which was uneasy, In the beginning the woman performed something like magic on the table, and there was a girl who was expecting to get house for her wishes, the performance was not going good for the first action, later on the woman asked a price to do to get her wishes fully.
At the end of the story when she finish her magic wishes, she said to her wisher, “come back on Thursday and may the virgin bless you” actually this far away from the reality, this means there is no relation between The virgin Mary and magic.

journal 5

The story that stuck out most to me in the House on Mango street reading was “Born Bad”. It was a very interesting chapter because she started off by saying she is going to hell and deserves to go there. I don’t really know anyone that would say they are going to hell and mean it. The only reason I can think for someone to say that would be guilt of something they’ve done. Part of the reason she believes this is because she was born on an evil day. The other reason she believes this is because she imitated her aunt after she has gotten sick and eventually dies which is where I think her guilt comes from. My favorite sentence in this story is “But I think diseases have no eyes.” She believes that her aunt shouldn’t have gotten sick because her aunt did nothing bad, and that she got sick for the wrong reason.
The story that stood out to me most during this reading assignment was Born Bad. The story is about Esperanza and her friends Lucy and Rachel and how they will end up in hell for what they had done to her poor Aunt Lupe. Her aunt struggled with a disease that had no cure. One day her and her friends were playing a game that they played often where they would imitate an individual and the other player would then have to guess who it was. And on this one day they happened to imitate her ill aunt, struggling with everyday life activities unable to live a normal life, who dies shortly after. Although it may seem that they were purposely making fun of her aunt I do not think that their true intention was to be so cruel. They are only young ignorant kids trying to make the best of their childhood, yet sometimes boundaries can be somewhat of an issue.
When things so unfortunate happen to people it is common to want to find the answers although there is nothing anyone can do after is it all said and done. Esperanza tries to pin point the time that all of this happened to her once young beautiful aunt who seemed full of life. "Maybe the sky didn't look the day she fell down," (Cisneros 59). No one was there to help her and there was nothing anyone could do.

Journal 5 Kristina Ezzi

The story Papa who wakes up tired in the dark, stood out to me while doing my reading over the weekend. It stood out to me because I thought the story was very sad, it was touching to find out how much Esperanza’s father cared for her grandpa. This shows us that no matter how strong you think a person is they can still be affected by loss. Esperanza had never seen her father cry before and didn’t know how to react. This event makes her appreciate her father because she thinks about how dreadful it would be to lose him. My favorite passage is “and I think if my own Papa died what would I do. I hold my Papa in my arms. I hold and hold and hold him (Cisneros 57).

Journal 5

In the chapters we read for House On Mango Street the one that stood out the most to me was "Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark." What stood out to me was that Esperanza's father started crying, because of the death of her grandfather. She tells how her father has never cried in front of her before and she is unsure of what to do. She also talks about how much of a surpise it was for her to see her father at the foot of her bed, since he's usually gone for work before she even wakes up. My favorite passage from the story was "... I think if my own Papa died what would I do. I hold my Papa in my arms. I hold and hold and hold him." This shows me that she is caring, and understanding of the situation, but still can't 100% fell what her father is going through.

Kara-Journal 5

The story that stood out the most to me would be “Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark”. I thought they all were well written, but I felt that I connected with this one the most. I remember going through a similar situation when my papa died when I was little. For the first time in my life, I saw a vulnerable side of my dad that I had never seen before. Just like Cisneros said, “My brave Papa cries. I have never seen my Papa cry and don’t know what to do” (Cisneros 56). The little girl feels for her father in the same way that I did. To a little girl, her dad is the strongest, coolest, toughest man on the planet. They do not realize that their daddy is only human until things like this happen in life. It may happen sooner than we want it to, but it is all bound to hit us eventually.
Something else that also stuck out to me, was the imagery the author used in this passage. “My Papa, his thick hands and thick shoes…who combs his hair with water, drinks his coffee, and is gone before we wake, today is sitting on my bed” (Cisneros 57). This characterization of the little girl’s father makes it easy to picture the scene exactly. You can see her restless father no longer trying to put on a show for his kids, he knew this could happen, but not to him so early in life. He wakes up tired and restless in the night because he has been caught off guard by the reality of the loss he just went through.

journal 5 carlos

I would say that all the stories stood out to me but the one that stood out the most would be Papa who wakes up tired in the dark. This story stood out to me because in that story Esperanza’s grandfather dies. In the story it does not say how she was feeling or what she thinks but I would say that she was feeling sad. I cannot relate to this story because thankfully my grandparents are still alive and I hope that I would not have to deal with their passing away In the near future. My favorite sentence is “My papa, his thick hands and thick shoes, who wakes up tired in the dark, who combs his hair with water, drinks his coffee, and is gone before we wake, today is sitting on my bed” (Cisneros 57). That’s my favorite sentence because it describes what Esperanza’s dad does before he leaves to work but on that day he did not do any of those things because of the passing away of his dad.

Journal five

While reading House on Mango Street, the story that stood out to me was "Born Bad". I thought that this story was interestine because it was sad but it gave really good description of her aunt and who she was as a person. We learn that her Aunt Lupe is a swimmer who is very sick. Her aunt Lupe was the only person who would listen to Esperanza read stories or her poems, before her aunt died she told Esperanza to keep writing because it will be the only thing that will keep her free. That day I think that Esperanza learned a lot, i think she learned to listen more and not to take everything for granted.
My favorite sentence was "But I think diseases have no eyes. They pick with a dizzy finger anyone, just anyone"(Cisneros 59). I like this sentence because it's kind of true on how things can just happen unexpected, and I feel like Esperanza lost someone who she was very clsoe to and who tought her to be a kid as long as she could.

journal 5. Nico Conti

The story that stood out to me in the reading was Papa Who Wakes up Tired in the Dark. The reason i like this one is because in the second paragraph on page 56 it says " He willhave to take a plane to Mexico, all the uncles and aunts will be there, and they will have a black and white photo taken infront of the tomb with flowers shaped like spears in a white vase because this is how they send the dead away in that country". It is my favorite story that we read because there is a lot of descriptive language and it is also shows how the people in Mexico perform their funerals for the dead. It is also a sad story because a member in their famiyl has died. my favorite sentence is the story would be from page 57. "My Papa has thick hands and thick shoes, who wakes up tired in the dark, who combs his hair with water, drinking his coffee, and is gone before we wake, today is sitting on my bed."

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Journal 5 Mohamed Bounif

Journal 5
The story that had stood out to me would have to be "Born Bad", because this is about a girl who seems to think that her life is all a mistake so she tries to be bad to get attention of the people she cares about. she thinks that all the bad things that seem to happen around her, like her aunt who has become ill is all her fault. a line in the story that i like was the last line of page 61 "And then she died, my aunt who listened to my poems. and then began to dream the dreams". i think this quote is talking about how the only person she could understand is gone and she is alone again.

Journal 5, Neel Patel

One of my favorite story in the book was the "Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark". This is from the book The House On Mango Street. This story was reallly sad, because her abuelito died and she realise that what if one of my famil member dies. She started worring about everyone in the family, specially her dad. one of my favorite sentece in this book was on page 56. it says "I have never seen my Papa cry and don't know what to do". That tells me that she really cares about her family. Also its hard to see what kind of pain and emotion they are going through when someone is crying.

Journal 5 Geraldo No Last Name

One of my favorite stories was "Geraldo No Last Name" I liked this story the most because I felt that it was very well written and it makes you think. I also liked this one because it made me feel bad for Geraldo because she says in the passage "But what difference does it make? He wasn't anything to her. He wasn't her boyfriend or anything like that. Just another brazer who didn't speak English. Just another wet-back." I felt bad for Geraldo after reading this because it she makes it seem like nobody even cares about him or that he died. I think this story shows how important it is that we have people around us who care about us like family or friends so we aren't left alone in the world.

Journal 5: Papa who wakes Up Tired in the Dark

I like this story the most of the reading. It is kind of sad and makes you think although it also makes you look back at the good things in life and not take things for granted. She tells the readers of her responsibities to inform her sisters since she is oldest.
My favorite sentence in the story is; " I know he will have to go away, that he will take a plane to Mexico, all the uncles and aunts will be there and they will have a black-and-white photo taken in front of the tomb with flowers shaped like spears in a white vase because this is how they send the dead away in that country."
This shows the how important family is to her family.

Papa Who Wakes up Tired in the Dark Journal #5

This story was depressing from the beginning. In this story, Esperanza tells us about how her father's father has passed away and she describes how her father reacted after finding out about the tragedy. I really related to this story because whenever something happens like this in our family, its really hard to figure out what to say when you've never seen the person cry before. One of the lines I liked was “I have never seen my papa cry and I don't know what to do." This line really stood out to me because this time is very fragile and you have to be careful what you say or do and I feel as Esperanza handles it well. She also describes about how her father will go to Mexico and attend the funeral. I really liked how she described what was going to be there like for word to word about the roses and how everyone will be dressed in black and white. It was a sad story but I think it was very well written because sad stories such as death in the family are very difficult to discuss.

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