Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Hi my name is Carlos Teos and I’m 19 years old. I was born in El Salvador and I moved to the United States when I was 10 years old. I have an older sister who is 20 and is studying to be a pediatrician and a younger brother that is a freshman in high school. Currently I’m attending the OSU Delaware center and the major that I have pick is accounting. My goal is to become a certify public accountant. One of my hobbies is soccer. I enjoy watching and playing soccer.

One of my strongest memories from taking English 109.01 would be the video about Hobart Shakespearians. This is my strongest memory because taught me to take advantage of my opportunities because not everyone has them. I learned that in order to write a good paper there four steps you need to follow. I think that I grew the most in the annotation process. I think grew I the most in this area because I did not like to annotate at all but now I do it every time.

The piece of writing the I like the most would snapshot four which is the characterization of a place. I picked this piece because I think this is one of the best that I wrote because I used a lot of metaphors. When I used to live in my country I loved to spend time in my grandparents house, and sometimes I would I stay for the whole summer there. This is what inspired me to write about their house. Here is a sample of the piece.

Out of the places that I have visited, been at, or lived at there is only one place that I have a clear picture in mind. This place makes me feel safe because it looks like it’s fortify like it were a castle, four walls really high like mountain Everest surrounding the house. The yard is big like the pacific with some many trees, different types of trees, like coconut trees, mango trees, lime trees and so many other trees that I cannot remember. I took advantage of this because I would eat mangos everyday; they are so sweet like sugar but healthier and so addicting you always wanted more and more. Not only were there trees but also animals, many animals, there were cows all kinds of sizes, small cows big cows and baby cows, there were also pigs, chickens, rosters, dog, cat. In the mornings the rosters would ring like an alarm clock, right after sun rise, signifying that it was time to get up but I would ignore it and sleep like a baby and wake up when I wanted to. The days were long and hot like if you were in the Sahara. If you were out doing something your sweat would drip like a waterfall with in minutes. He would say to me hammocks are the best thing to have for this excessive heat; it was true because the breeze you got from swinging on them was like taking a cold shower. The nights were quiet everyone was inside their homes just before dark and no noise from the twentieth century innovations just quiet and peaceful until the next day came.

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