Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last English Class Blog

My name is Bansari Ribadiya. I was originally born in India but I've been in the United States for about 7 years. I've moved many times in my life, which I don't mind because I love traveling. I am currently undecided about my major but I am planning on going into the medical field. One of my hobbies is art which no doubt is a huge part of my life.Other than that keeping my culture alive in my community is also a big chunk of my life.
Strongest memory from English 109.01 is sitting around the table and discussing the books and actually talking about how the books were meaningful and not just something we had to read. During these two months I have learned that reading actively lets you remember ideas easily when you reflect back on it. I saw myself grow the most when it comes to writing freely in the journals and being descriptive in the snapshots.
I picked it because I like it (: And I like writing poems...well sometimes.

Linear Intertwined

A long sidewalk made of concrete and stones,

Becomes my path to peacefulness.

Leaving behind alienation to come to a place thats my own.

A path comes to a branch.

There is no longer just a sole.


Picturing which one would be optimal,

A step has been taken.

Startled, the step moved back.

Optimal thoughts have turned into full of doubts.

Then another step has been taken,

Towards the opposite direction.

Terrified the step has gotten a second thought.

Reasoning with the heart and the mind has taken over.

Combat between the two rights.

Which will win this battle.

Heart speaks out and says

Numerous paths but they will only be what the mind and the heart combined make of it.

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