Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Michael Birch

My Name is Michael Birch. I was born and raised in clintonville Ohio. I am attending Ohio state University and have not yet decided a major. One of my hobbies would be sports, I love to play Football and basketball. I love Notre Dame football and Pittsburgh Steelers.

One of my strongest memories of taking 109.01 this year would be when we had to do a presentation of somebody who we felt was a good role model, or a bad role model. We did our presentation of Alex Rodriguez and I had a lot of fun learning things about Alex Rodriguez that i never new before. I think this class has helped me a lot in my writing and I think that the writing process has helped my improve, and help me be more creative in my writing.

The piece of writing that will be on this Blog is a Snapshot that is called My Name. I choose this Snapshot because it was our first snapshot and probably my favorite. I got to write about why my name was special to me. I had a lot of fun writing this snapshot.

My Name

My name is Michael Birch. The name Michael in Hebrew means "who is God" which I feel makes my name strong, like a stone that cannot be broken. I do not like to go by the name Mike; I have just never liked the name Mike. I also feel that i prefer the name Michael is because of all the other Michael's in our history that have made it a good name, people such as the Archangel Michael, Michael Jordan, who was my favorite basketball player while i played basketball. The only bad thing to the name Michael is that it is a very common name and there is almost certainly going to be another Michael when you either go to school, or on your team for a sporting event. Other than that i believe Michael is a good name with a good back round and if i have a son i am also going to name him Michael.

Yes. Something like Michael will do.

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