Thursday, November 19, 2009

Justin and Carlos

We learned that
The beginning to everything was A-Z
That 1+1=2
And being nice to everyone is the way it should be
Even how to tie your shoe
That the world has seven seas
That cows go moo
How about the birds and the bees
To write love letters from me to you
Don’t skip class to be with thee
And homework is always DUE

Poem by Kristina Ezzi and Ashlee Bosh

In school I learned…
Not to start a crab apple war on the playground.
That chewing gum is a sin.
That long division is only meant to confuse us.
Always make sure that a teacher isn’t watching when you table top a fellow student.
That History dates will never be obtained in my memory for longer than maybe a week.
To hold my bladder for ages.
That thirty minutes in not long enough for 200 or more kids to eat lunch.
That we were expected to act as adults, yet we were babysat all day.
How to do jumping jacks in gym class.
How to stare at a blackboard for hours at a time.
That procrastination works 75% of the time.

What We Learned In School By, Stephen, James, and Ahmed

We learned not to play tag at recess,
But we did anyway.
We learned not to argue in class,
But we did anyway.
We learned not to tease the girls,
But we did anyway
We learned not to be irresponsible,
But we were anyway.
We learned to not text in school,
But we do anyways.
We thought relationships were cool,
But they’re not.
We learned working in the food industry sucks,
But we do it anyways.
We learned school is important,
So we don’t miss a day.

Bansari Ribadiya

Neel Patel

We learned in school how to go down a slide while pushing people out of the way so you don't get stuck in the middle.
And we shouldn't talk back to the teachers even if we think we're right and they're wrong because they wont let us listen to our ipods.
Or write dirty poems about them.
We learned popping gum in class too many times after being told not to do so will probably get you a detention.
After 12 years of school we learned to do everything on time. Even if we don't do it.
We also learned that wearing saggy pants only gets you in the principal’s office and not in the cool crowd.
And picking up girls while at the principles office is a rejection.
Furthermore, taking a remote control and trying to turn on the T.V. at school while your teacher is gone doesnt really get you on the " student of the week" board.
We learned why education is important, wanna know why? well we'll get mucho dinero in the future thats the only thing its good for.
They taught us everything but they never taught us how to drive a M6 120mph.How sad :(

What We learned... By Nico Conti and Mohamed Bounif

We learned that ...

We learned that we should never wet towels and hit other people with them while the coach is there.
We learned where every ice cream and fudge store is in Europe
We learned that we should never bad mouth the coach or we will run laps till we fall down
We learned that we should never shoot hornets in class or we will poke someones eye out
We learned that we should not call people who look big for their age fat.
We learned that karma will always come back to you worse.
we learned that we should never kick people when we get upset.
We learned that we should never tell people that they look like a whale even though they are your principle.
We learned to never write anything on the walls in the bathroom or it will be closed for the rest of the year.
We learned that gum is hard to get out of any girls hair even your sister.

What we learned in school by Kara and Emilie

We miss recess!
Ditching is STILL mean
Cartwheels are a little less cool
Tetherball looks so much easier now
Cheerleaders were once not so overrated
It’s debatable whether or not boys still have cooties
Naps are more fun now that we they are not offered
Reading on the carpet…much better than reading on your own
Bagged milk and smiley fries are better than microwaved meals
Elementary School > College

Thursday, November 5, 2009

American Pop Culture

The American pop culture effects each individual in many different ways, pop culture that effects me the most is Sports. I wake up everyday and watch Sportscenter or any other sports show on TV. I have been involved in sports since i was a little guy. I played football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and i wrestled for a few years in high school. I love sports i believe every child should be involved in at least one extracurricular activity growing up. Sports pop culture also plays a huge role in kids lives growing up as far as giving them role models and giving them goals to set for them self to be the best they can at the sport of there liking. Seeing athletes play in the World Series or the Superbowl gives children aspiration and goals to achieve playing sports. This is why i believe that sports pop culture effects my life and many other individuals lives on a daily bases, the ability to strive to be best at what ever u set your mind to Although sports pop culture in the modern era has begun to show some negative influences for young kids growing up.

american culture

Ahmed Abdullahi
Mike Lohre
Journal #9

American culture
American culture is a very wide compared to the whole world. The part of the culture that have big effect to me is a social development, how people communicate and share ideas, without thinking about, what personality or culture you based on.
Documentary movies are biggest factors that influence me for American culture. Regardless of race, documentaries were presented by all kinds of people who talks about, the beginning of British settlers in North America, especially Virginia and New York. American natives were kind of busy struggling with their daily bread, I mean kind of powerless in that period. The British settlers conquered most parts of North America, after they made big firms, their demand was to get heavy labor, which developed in to slavery practice. So a lot of black Africans were brought to United States and some indigenous Europeans to run the cultivation. The British farmers achieved their goal of making extensive agriculture to strength their power against outside enemies. Then those slaves became American natives although their descendent belong to somewhere else.
Those programs were well detailed, which you can feel it the existence. Also is a part of life that we practice every day.

popular culture

One of the things that really influence my life would be soccer. When I was younger I would play soccer with friends. In high school I also played soccer through my junior year. Ever since I was a little soccer was the only sport that we talked about, and followed a lot. I would watch every soccer game possible, and I would watch the world cup every time. When I was younger I didn’t have a favorite team because I was not able to understand the concept of having one, but as I got older I understood more, and now my favorite soccer club is Real Madrid. I like the team because one day I was watching they play, and my dad said that they were one of the best clubs of the world. At first I liked the team because I believed that they were the best, but as I got older I started to pay attention to the players they got, how they were doing in their league, and what everyone else had to say about the team. To this day I still watch all the games that I can, I keep up with some of the players they have, and it’s something that I think will never go away because of how much I like the team.
you can find more information about the team at this website

journal 9

American pop culture mainly influences my life in sports and t.v. shows. The way sports influence my life is to be competitive at just about everything i do. Whether it's at work, a video game or even getting the right answer done in the classroom and before everyone else. The sports media tells you that if your not competitive then you will lose, and no one wants to be thought of as a loser. For example the show Sportscenter on the channel ESPN is full of information regarding sports. Weekly they talk about football and which teams are doing good and the ones that are doing bad. Some of the teams are a disgrace to the game like the St. Lewis Rams who have one of the worst records in the league at 1 win and seven loses. The most competitive teams like the New Orleans Saints who are undefeated.

Journal 9

The American popular culture is influenced by many things. I would have to say the thing that influences me most in my life would be sports. I love to play football and basketball. My favorite college football, and basketball team is Notre Dame. I have always loved Notre Dame. I have always had my favorite players on the team and that's why in high school during my junior year i played wide reciever and tried to play like Jeff Samardzija. He played at Notre Dame in 2005, and 2006. He was so fun to watch and made amazing catches. He was a consensus All American in 2006, and he was rated the 3rd best receiver in 2006. When i played i tried to play like he did, i always tried to make one hand catches like he did, and also i even tried to grow my hair out like he had it. I bought two of his Notre Dame jerseys one that is green and one that is navy blue. I tried to do everything he did on the field, but i wasnt always as successful as he was, and i think he was one of my favorite Notre Dame players ever. http://http//

popular culture on a person

The American popular culture influences me the most because of all the new technology that we use and now that were older we are watching different shows like the news. The way that i get my information is by E-mail, yahoo web page and the news. But the one that i feel most that kids my age are getting all there information from is Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular websites out there today. There are over 5 million people who are signed in to Facebook and this is how we get our information on every topic known to man, and it also connects people to each other and whats going on in the world. also it keeps parents in on what there children are doing and to make sure that nothing shady is going on, and now a lot of jobs look at your Facebooks to see if you are a good person and to see if you would be a good asset to there job. So by using Facebook we get to see whats going on all around the world and whats going on in your neigborhood.

Journal 9

I'm most influenced by American pop culture in my life by a combination of entertainment, and sports. Me and my friends talk about sport, like what happened in the Cav's game last night or who got trade to what team. So I tended to watch sports and pay attention to what's happening on ESPN. If I didn't pay attention I would be left out of the loop and not relate as much with my friends. The Internet site, Facebook, helps me keep in touch with my friends. It makes it easy to find out what's going on with them even if they're in another state. Another Internet site I use is youtube. I find it helps me keep up with the latest music, hilarious videos, and sometimes important events.

Journal 9

American popular culture most influenced me was a music artist, Leona Lewis. I don't think I've liked every song from another artist as I have found by Leona Lewis. Her songs are so powerful and so meaningful that anyone who listens to them will get a chill down their spine. She also has songs of hope for the people in poverty. One of her songs is "Footprints in the Sand" is about how kids all around the world are in poverty and she is there anytime for them to help. I really love her music because she when I can't put my feelings in words. She does the job for me. She isn't an American but she is famous in the U.S. She was discovered by Simon Cowell hence she is beastly.
Not only her songs are amazing but her voice is phenomenal. It is simple yet it is so intense. I used to be in a Choir so I love singing and I stopped singing because I moved to a different city and I wasn't in Choir in the new school but after I discovered Leona I actually did singing outside out choir classes. That is why she is an influence on my life.

The influence of pop culture

The American popular culture has most influence my life through music. Music can be described as something that defines us our helps us express ourselves. I think that is a pretty accurate statement. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially with music genres. For me personally, I can listen to all kinds of music. I like everything from country to rap. Maybe one thing I would not enjoy would be operah. It just so happens though, I have one particular band that comes to mind when I try to think of what influences me best.
A music artist that I choose to be my influence is Coldplay. This is a band that I can recall listening to since they first came out. I love the kind of music they make, their lyrics are really meaningful and make you think. They are not techniquely considered a christian band, but their music is great because it gives an impressionistic value from the lyrics itself. Music itself has a big influence on me and my day because my mood can be easily affected upon it. When I am not doing so good, the simplest thing to help is to turn their CD on in the car. I would say that music can affect and influence us all in that way, as long as we have a good favorite band in mind to listen to.


The American popular culture influences my life in numerous ways. With TV, internet, and radio, it is impossible to dodge the media. News and information is probably one of my biggest influences in my life at this time. For example the magazine Seventeen is a magazine that I read pretty religiously. With having a subscription, I never miss a months worth of updates, advise, and stories about other teens' lives. When reading this magazine I find myself so wrapped up in what people are wearing, who looks hot and who's not, what styles are in or out, and how to rejuvenate my hair and skin. Reading this magazine gives me about 30 minutes worth of time to myself. With such a busy life style I can honestly say this is something I look forward to. Although this may seem a bit obsessive, I do not let this get to my head. Just because I like to read about these things does not mean I spend all my free time obsessing with my appearance.

You can find more information about this source through:


The American popular culture influences me the most through networks. Facebook has the greatest effect on me, because I feel like it is addictive. Whenever I have free time I often find myself logging on to the facebook home page. I always check my comments left from friends and check new photo albums that they have posted. This network allows you to get to know people people better. For example you can link your site to a network like the school you attend, that way you can meet people that go to your same school. I consider myself a mild case of facebook obsession, but some of my friends are always on it no matter what. They always know the latest hook ups and break ups. Who knew facebook could have such an effect on our culture. To find more information on this network you can go to

Journal 9, Neel Patel

Basketball is my life. I follow the NBA like there is no tomorrow. Obliviously my favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, not because they have the BEST player in the game, it because that is the only good sport in Ohio. Ever since the Cavs drafted Lebron, I have watched every single Cavs game. Not only he is good basketball player, but he is also a role model for many young kids. He always talks about how education is the most important thing in life you can ever achieve. Since he went straight to the pro without going to college, he feels like he missed out on the college experience and education. This motivates lots of kids who don’t go to school or might think about dropping out. This has influenced me as well. Till this day on I have never liked school, I always felt that school and education were the worst invention ever, but after listening to many people like Lebron and my parents, they have changed my perception on school. I have always thought that people like Lebron and others are just born with a special gift, but I never looked at how much effort they have to put in each and every day to be as good as they are. He had always said that “If you fail, keep trying because one of this day you will be the best one at what you do”. This is why I love watching the Cavs and the King!!

Pop Cultural Journal

American Pop cultural that has most influenced my life with the Columbus Blue Jackets website because I am able to go to their website when ever I want to see video of games or I can listen to the game on the live radio pod cast. Every thing that they have on their website is free, so you have all of the access that you want to have. The program that has been helpful to me because i can go and check the scores to a game if i did not watch it and know what happened before my paper boy delivers my paper to my house. It has influenced me to go to their website and check put what is going on with the team, because they might get sold because of the millions of dollars that Nationwide has lost. Their website has influenced me to follow the team team more because some of the time they are not on TV and their website gives me the privilege of listening to the game or watching the game in high definition if i subscribe to the Network I can check and see if there is any information and see what players they have gotten through trades. Their website is also benoffical because I can get discounts to many things from food to team wear. A link to their website can be found here

Pop Culture

American pop culture influences me by shows like House. This show has a big influence on since it allows me to see how a person is able to express also has a big influence on me since in the future it shows the future of my career and what i have to look forward to.It has shown me that with every action you make in life there is always a reaction, an example of this would be how the main character in the show has had a limping leg since the start of the show and the way he deals with this problem is to take drugs to ease the pain. He really is addicted to the drugs which allows him to be the person he is. It also allowed me to see that life will always send you obstacles along the way to see how much you are determined to get what you want.