Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last English Class!! :(

I am Neel Patel, and a freshman at The Ohio state University. I was born in India, but I lived most of my life here. Right now I haven’t picked a major yet, but I am leaning toward computer engineering or something in that field. One of the thing I love doing is playing basketball. I absolutely love the game, and wish to keep playing till I die.

One of my strongest memory of our English 109.01 class would have to be the Hobart Shakespearians movie. It really changed my view on poverty and missed opportunity. Also taught me why education is still the most important piece to achieve in life. This class also helped me to be more creative with my thoughts and the writing.

The writing piece that I am going to share is my first job experience. The job taught me a lot about responsibility and maturity. Also I had some of the best moments at my jobs, and here is one of them…

My first job was at Tim Horton’s. I hated working there, because I was only 16 at that time and all my friends would be playing outside or hanging out and I would be working. Since I was the youngest there, I always got picked on, but there were some good memories that I will never forget. One time a customer came in and asked me for a diet cherry coke. Since we only had four drinks, I mixed the fruit punch, coke, and Dr. pepper and gave it to him. The manager was a good friend of mine so we goofed around a lot. At that time we also had free refills on drinks so the customer came back and asked my manager for diet cherry coke, and he said that we don’t sell that, so I ran up there and told him that we just started selling them like yesterday. The manager knew that this was a joke and he just let me do it. I will never forget this experience I had. Even though I hated working there but I learned a lot and met some of the coolest people in the world.

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