Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Final Post

My name is Ashlee Bosh. I am a freshman this year attending the Ohio State University Marion campus at the Delaware location. I plan to transfer to the Main campus as soon as possible to further my education in Health Sciences, hopefully getting into the Masters program of Occupational Therapy. Born in California I was moved to Ohio when I was seven years old. Although most people would be shocked to hear this, I am glad that we moved here. I enjoy spending my summers under the sun and my winters inside, by the fire looking out, enjoying the scenery. I am now eighteen years old with a life I wouldn't trade for the world. Full of responsibilities and rewards I am always busy, but I prefer it that way.

As for my first quarter attending college, I would honestly have to say that English 109.01 was one of my favorite classes. The professor opened up the class in a way that created a feeling of closeness and comfort. Unlike my other classes here at the Delaware campus I feel relaxed and at ease. Although there was work to be done, the days played into weeks going by quicker than I had thought they would. As of what I have learned in this class so far, the importance to the writing process itself and the importance in each step has stood out to me the most. I saw myself improving most in creativity. For me getting an idea flowing into words was a struggle, now I enjoy it, thanks to taking English 109.01.

The piece of writing that I have chosen to be posted on the blog is a poem that we were to write about a person that has had a positive influence on me, the writer. I chose this piece because I think it says a lot more about who I am and will hopefully give people a little more insight into more about me as a person. The inspiration of this poem was my fiance, Devon. I hope that when people read this poem they will see the influence Devon has had on me through out the time we have shared together.

Girl in the Back

The quiet girl in the back.

Always the girl who everyone knew. But no one’s heard.
Quiet blue eyes. Loud blond hair. He, full of confidence,
Bursting at the seams. Too good. Too good.

Warning from every direction. ‘you’ll never have
A chance.’ But he did. ‘she’s a lost cause.’ But she wasn’t.
You’ll see.

One date, two date, now date three.
It was nice. He was charming. She wasn’t shy.
Riding a roller coaster of emotion,
Could it possibly get any better?

The quiet girl in the back.

Not so quiet anymore. But baby, love is loud.
Mouth like a motor. Heart
Like a fountain,
pouring, pouring, pouring.

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  1. Today I looked one more time to see if I could find more information regarding Ashlee Bosh, I did read a poem composed by Ashlee and Friend Kara and it was good. I am so pleased to see that Ashlee is doing well and I know she is loved and cared for. God is good and has a purpose for this young lady it is in his hands I trust.