Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hobart Elementary School

Hi my name is Ahmed Abdullahi, I am originally from Somalia, I have eleven brothers and four sisters,
I travelled many countries including Africa and some European. I came to United States 4 years ago; I am currently attending Ohio state university in Delaware branch. My dream is to be an accountant graduate in the future.
My strongest memory from my first quarter of English 109.1 was kind of interesting, because everybody was strange to me. But a couple days later on I realized everybody was very kind and friendly. Towards my home works everything was very smooth except my first two essays. The books like Ordinary Resurrection and House of Mango Street were very interesting, according to the characters and teachings I got from. I actually learned how to write MLA style papers, because it helped me my economy research paper.
The type of writing that I am sharing with you is my journal #7. This is about Hobart elementary school I chose this topic because this was one of the best schools I admired, how it managed. Also in the future I have a plan of opening after school program which is same to Hobart school. The theme I thought was very important was the responsibility did by the teacher how he was providing transportation from his own pocket.
Hobart elementary school

The Hobart Shakespeareans documentary was very useful. The students in the school have different backgrounds, from Asian and Latino, which means English, was a second language to the most of them. A lot of the students expressed their feelings towards their understanding, and they stated the difficulties that encountered with them and how poor they were in education.
These 5th grade students actually managed their character to act like Shakespeareans. I think this success is not from their parents. But their teacher who was really having twenty years experience, and he said “I was taught this skills from my home”. He meant that everybody takes his own direction, either by becoming a Pilot or a Doctor. So he chose to be a teacher .the Hobart elementary school took very important step forward which based on teamwork and honest. My response to this documentary, the most important person is the teacher, who sacrifices his and money because of them. He also took the students to the Jefferson memorial, to make the students to remember about the Vietnam War and get better citizens. The teacher also gets the patient of educating those students who are ten steps behind then the regular students. I personally have a wish to finish my dream one day, no matter how long it will take to me , but whenever I get good opportunity , I would like to create programming activities, to educate young

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