Thursday, November 5, 2009

Journal 9

The American popular culture is influenced by many things. I would have to say the thing that influences me most in my life would be sports. I love to play football and basketball. My favorite college football, and basketball team is Notre Dame. I have always loved Notre Dame. I have always had my favorite players on the team and that's why in high school during my junior year i played wide reciever and tried to play like Jeff Samardzija. He played at Notre Dame in 2005, and 2006. He was so fun to watch and made amazing catches. He was a consensus All American in 2006, and he was rated the 3rd best receiver in 2006. When i played i tried to play like he did, i always tried to make one hand catches like he did, and also i even tried to grow my hair out like he had it. I bought two of his Notre Dame jerseys one that is green and one that is navy blue. I tried to do everything he did on the field, but i wasnt always as successful as he was, and i think he was one of my favorite Notre Dame players ever. http://http//


  1. eventhough i m buckeye. i have always liked Samardzija and Quinn.