Thursday, November 5, 2009

Journal 9, Neel Patel

Basketball is my life. I follow the NBA like there is no tomorrow. Obliviously my favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, not because they have the BEST player in the game, it because that is the only good sport in Ohio. Ever since the Cavs drafted Lebron, I have watched every single Cavs game. Not only he is good basketball player, but he is also a role model for many young kids. He always talks about how education is the most important thing in life you can ever achieve. Since he went straight to the pro without going to college, he feels like he missed out on the college experience and education. This motivates lots of kids who don’t go to school or might think about dropping out. This has influenced me as well. Till this day on I have never liked school, I always felt that school and education were the worst invention ever, but after listening to many people like Lebron and my parents, they have changed my perception on school. I have always thought that people like Lebron and others are just born with a special gift, but I never looked at how much effort they have to put in each and every day to be as good as they are. He had always said that “If you fail, keep trying because one of this day you will be the best one at what you do”. This is why I love watching the Cavs and the King!!


  1. I love Lebron also, he is so good, and i also agree with you that he is a great role model

  2. yeah, he is very popular with different people

  3. yes a believe ever since lebron was drafted the cavaliers are a better team