Thursday, November 5, 2009

popular culture on a person

The American popular culture influences me the most because of all the new technology that we use and now that were older we are watching different shows like the news. The way that i get my information is by E-mail, yahoo web page and the news. But the one that i feel most that kids my age are getting all there information from is Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular websites out there today. There are over 5 million people who are signed in to Facebook and this is how we get our information on every topic known to man, and it also connects people to each other and whats going on in the world. also it keeps parents in on what there children are doing and to make sure that nothing shady is going on, and now a lot of jobs look at your Facebooks to see if you are a good person and to see if you would be a good asset to there job. So by using Facebook we get to see whats going on all around the world and whats going on in your neigborhood.

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