Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bansari Ribadiya

Neel Patel

We learned in school how to go down a slide while pushing people out of the way so you don't get stuck in the middle.
And we shouldn't talk back to the teachers even if we think we're right and they're wrong because they wont let us listen to our ipods.
Or write dirty poems about them.
We learned popping gum in class too many times after being told not to do so will probably get you a detention.
After 12 years of school we learned to do everything on time. Even if we don't do it.
We also learned that wearing saggy pants only gets you in the principal’s office and not in the cool crowd.
And picking up girls while at the principles office is a rejection.
Furthermore, taking a remote control and trying to turn on the T.V. at school while your teacher is gone doesnt really get you on the " student of the week" board.
We learned why education is important, wanna know why? well we'll get mucho dinero in the future thats the only thing its good for.
They taught us everything but they never taught us how to drive a M6 120mph.How sad :(


  1. Agree with the pusching people out of the slide. There was always mass amounts of people in them