Thursday, November 5, 2009

popular culture

One of the things that really influence my life would be soccer. When I was younger I would play soccer with friends. In high school I also played soccer through my junior year. Ever since I was a little soccer was the only sport that we talked about, and followed a lot. I would watch every soccer game possible, and I would watch the world cup every time. When I was younger I didn’t have a favorite team because I was not able to understand the concept of having one, but as I got older I understood more, and now my favorite soccer club is Real Madrid. I like the team because one day I was watching they play, and my dad said that they were one of the best clubs of the world. At first I liked the team because I believed that they were the best, but as I got older I started to pay attention to the players they got, how they were doing in their league, and what everyone else had to say about the team. To this day I still watch all the games that I can, I keep up with some of the players they have, and it’s something that I think will never go away because of how much I like the team.
you can find more information about the team at this website


  1. ya i agree with you on how sport is a huge influence on some people.

  2. i think Barcelona is more efficientt.
    Raul and Kaka are the real players and Salgado
    just joking,....