Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pop Cultural Journal

American Pop cultural that has most influenced my life with the Columbus Blue Jackets website because I am able to go to their website when ever I want to see video of games or I can listen to the game on the live radio pod cast. Every thing that they have on their website is free, so you have all of the access that you want to have. The program that has been helpful to me because i can go and check the scores to a game if i did not watch it and know what happened before my paper boy delivers my paper to my house. It has influenced me to go to their website and check put what is going on with the team, because they might get sold because of the millions of dollars that Nationwide has lost. Their website has influenced me to follow the team team more because some of the time they are not on TV and their website gives me the privilege of listening to the game or watching the game in high definition if i subscribe to the Network I can check and see if there is any information and see what players they have gotten through trades. Their website is also benoffical because I can get discounts to many things from food to team wear. A link to their website can be found here

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