Thursday, November 5, 2009

american culture

Ahmed Abdullahi
Mike Lohre
Journal #9

American culture
American culture is a very wide compared to the whole world. The part of the culture that have big effect to me is a social development, how people communicate and share ideas, without thinking about, what personality or culture you based on.
Documentary movies are biggest factors that influence me for American culture. Regardless of race, documentaries were presented by all kinds of people who talks about, the beginning of British settlers in North America, especially Virginia and New York. American natives were kind of busy struggling with their daily bread, I mean kind of powerless in that period. The British settlers conquered most parts of North America, after they made big firms, their demand was to get heavy labor, which developed in to slavery practice. So a lot of black Africans were brought to United States and some indigenous Europeans to run the cultivation. The British farmers achieved their goal of making extensive agriculture to strength their power against outside enemies. Then those slaves became American natives although their descendent belong to somewhere else.
Those programs were well detailed, which you can feel it the existence. Also is a part of life that we practice every day.

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