Thursday, November 5, 2009

Journal 9

American popular culture most influenced me was a music artist, Leona Lewis. I don't think I've liked every song from another artist as I have found by Leona Lewis. Her songs are so powerful and so meaningful that anyone who listens to them will get a chill down their spine. She also has songs of hope for the people in poverty. One of her songs is "Footprints in the Sand" is about how kids all around the world are in poverty and she is there anytime for them to help. I really love her music because she when I can't put my feelings in words. She does the job for me. She isn't an American but she is famous in the U.S. She was discovered by Simon Cowell hence she is beastly.
Not only her songs are amazing but her voice is phenomenal. It is simple yet it is so intense. I used to be in a Choir so I love singing and I stopped singing because I moved to a different city and I wasn't in Choir in the new school but after I discovered Leona I actually did singing outside out choir classes. That is why she is an influence on my life.

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