Thursday, November 5, 2009


The American popular culture influences my life in numerous ways. With TV, internet, and radio, it is impossible to dodge the media. News and information is probably one of my biggest influences in my life at this time. For example the magazine Seventeen is a magazine that I read pretty religiously. With having a subscription, I never miss a months worth of updates, advise, and stories about other teens' lives. When reading this magazine I find myself so wrapped up in what people are wearing, who looks hot and who's not, what styles are in or out, and how to rejuvenate my hair and skin. Reading this magazine gives me about 30 minutes worth of time to myself. With such a busy life style I can honestly say this is something I look forward to. Although this may seem a bit obsessive, I do not let this get to my head. Just because I like to read about these things does not mean I spend all my free time obsessing with my appearance.

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