Tuesday, October 13, 2009

journal 5

The story that stuck out most to me in the House on Mango street reading was “Born Bad”. It was a very interesting chapter because she started off by saying she is going to hell and deserves to go there. I don’t really know anyone that would say they are going to hell and mean it. The only reason I can think for someone to say that would be guilt of something they’ve done. Part of the reason she believes this is because she was born on an evil day. The other reason she believes this is because she imitated her aunt after she has gotten sick and eventually dies which is where I think her guilt comes from. My favorite sentence in this story is “But I think diseases have no eyes.” She believes that her aunt shouldn’t have gotten sick because her aunt did nothing bad, and that she got sick for the wrong reason.


  1. Gewd job mayne, don't worry she ain't going to hell.

  2. hi james this story was very intersting,but unfortunately i decided to do differently.

  3. this chapter was strang, im pretty sure that shes not going to go to hell and that she worries to much