Thursday, October 15, 2009

my first job

Ahmed Abdullahi
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My job
Beside the community service, my first job was a warehousing company called limited logistics service, which is located two miles away from our home. It was my last year to finish my senior in high school; actually the job was not easy to handle such a person like me. Most of the people are very strong and energetic how easily they take their duties, although a lot of those associate look more talented then me in terms of job status.
Fortunately one of my old friends was working there, he explained for me everything, but still nothing look easy. After couple weeks situation was getting better, I was received my first paycheck ever, as you know money reliefs a lot of problems. The management of the company based on honest, teamwork and supportive this really encourages me to become more efficient in my future. Although is very hard to work such a young man like in such places. My department is packing, hopefully that was one of the easiest departments in my company, my supervisor whose named came to me one of the mornings and ask me
“Can you please help shipping department” Jarrod said
“ No problem, but how?”
Shipping department was very tough and confusing, I go ahead and followed the instruction he give to me, but nothing much, he told me keep the running conveyer on eye, it was just as easy as it is. Now I am still working the same place as a part time associate.

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