Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journal 5, Neel Patel

One of my favorite story in the book was the "Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark". This is from the book The House On Mango Street. This story was reallly sad, because her abuelito died and she realise that what if one of my famil member dies. She started worring about everyone in the family, specially her dad. one of my favorite sentece in this book was on page 56. it says "I have never seen my Papa cry and don't know what to do". That tells me that she really cares about her family. Also its hard to see what kind of pain and emotion they are going through when someone is crying.


  1. I like this one too, and i chose that quote! :)

  2. sometimes i also think about what would it be like if one of my family member died becaue i have not had that experience yet and dont want to deal with it any time soon

  3. this story seems similar to my story "Born Bad" they both relate because they focus on the ose of someone and the affects it brings with it.