Wednesday, October 14, 2009

snapshot 3

My first job was at Barnes and Noble and let me tell you people are snobs about their coffee. When entering the store the scent of brewed coffee and fresh baked cookies fill my nostrils. Rows of books as far as the eye can see, topics ranging from anywhere on how to cook a turkey to anime comic. Tall, grande and ventis cups are stacked up like mountains, and the sound of milk being steamed fills the air. A regular customer named Tony can be detected as soon as he approaches the café by his over powering cologne, like always he gets his usual tall coffee to go and gives me the change of fifty two cents as a tip. I hear the tip tap of heels making their way to the café and I know this woman will be a hand full.
“Excuse me, may I have a grande non-fat, upside down, sugar free iced caramel latte with an extra shot.”
I slowly turn around and see a very agitated woman who wears too much make up; she is tapping her fingers on the counter impatiently. I hand her the drink that took almost five minutes to make and tell her to have a nice day.
“Uh huh. Thanks.”
This is what I get in return, and then I think to myself, “Only three more hours then I’m free.”


  1. i feel your pain i've had to deal with the same type of people where i work

  2. Haha! What a you get lots of complicated orders!

  3. sorry i am probably one of those snobs coffee does that to me

  4. I really liked how you described where you work, as I was reading I felt like i was at Branes&Noble