Thursday, October 15, 2009

MY first and current job

My first job was at Vector. I dont know if anyone has heard or it or not because I didnt hear about it til the summer. I got the job in the past was June and I needed something to do besides go to graduation parties every other day. Plus I was in need of mula. I looked into the job because it paid 14.50 an appointment which is basically and hour in vector terms. And it was flexible could work wheneevr you felt like working.
Now the job was to sell kitchen cutlary to homes that you knew or didnt know. The company was called Cutco so it was pretty high quality so the product pretty much sold it self. So i was told at least.
Oh and did i mention i get 10% commision of what i sold and the product was mad expensive so it wasnt like selling icecream to the kids.
SO you would go to someones house or the people you knew and you would do a presentation that we were taught in training( 2 weeks of 6-7 hour of training...someone tell me again why i took this job?) and then usually the customer would just run away or kick you out of their house because of the price or if they were rich enough thy'd buy it and tell amillion other people...thats where i got lucky :) because once more than two people know that number multiplies and it never stops til you get all of them. It took me 4 appointments to sell anything! I was really getting bored with it because I m doing this much work..paying for my gas to go to people's homes and I'm not selling anything so my confidence went down til one day i got a check for 58$..its not a lot but i forgot that the appointments i did still added up and Vector pays weekly. So i went out and did another appointment wheere i sold over a $1000 worth of stuff and when you hit over a thousand you get 14.50 plus 20% commision not 10% and then i sold something every time i did appointments but i only did this for a month because i went on vacation and i sitll have the job i just dont go to it and i m still not fired :)

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  1. wow, bansari, i think you are doing great at that job! good story and thanks for posting!