Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, aside from all the babysitting jobs and little things for money here and there, I guess you could say my first real job was at Smith Dining Hall, located on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University. At the age of sixteen I could now drive, meaning I could now get a job to pay for gas, insurance and whatever else it was that I wanted to do.
Lucky for me my best friend, Marla already worked there, (also how I was introduced to the job in the first place.) so I wasn't too terribly nervous. It definitely was a leap from my comfort zone, that is for sure. It wasn't the fun and games that babysitting played out to be. It was business and I was just another employee keeping this place going.
Starting out as a cashier wasn't that bad. I got to greet people and best of all I wasn't messy one bit. Then we closed and the dirty work came reeling in full of soapy water and a long wooden mop. Working ten hour days on the weekends and five hour days during the week kept me rather, tired. On top if that, school, family and friends it was impossible to find peace.
"Today you're porter," Dan said.
"Okay... what do I do?" I asked.
"Oh it's easy, you just gotta keep everything in the salad bar, deli, and dessert bar full the whole time we're open!"
This made for a long night that was for sure. One little person can only move so fast! Trying to help each other out, Marla and I would always pitch in for one another when things got a little to far out of hand. Eventually Dan, our boss, caught on and we were no longer allowed to work together because "we had too much fun". If he only knew... that job was anything BUT fun let me tell you.
One good thing about working there was all the free food. We snacked more than we should have, ate lunch a little too often, and played a little too much, but it was the only things we could do to keep us going. But those times are over now and we're both on to the next job.


  1. hahaha... good story. yea i changed a lot after my frist job. i started learning about resposibily and taking care of money. good story.

  2. I can relate to the cleaning aspect of this job. I feel like that's all I do while working at my present job. I wish I could get free food like you did.