Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Job

My first Job, I feel it was forever ago. I was 14 and wanted to make money, there was only a few places that would hire at 14; so I applied at Kroger’s. Being so young and working I defiantly experienced a lot in the work force. I had easy hours working from 4-6 M-F, and 4 hour shifts on the weekends. I worked as a bagger, bagging groceries for just about every customer that came through the line, hoping to make a tip or two. My best tip was 20 dollars from an old lady who I think must of pulled the wrong bill out of her wallet, although she said "here you go young man save this and buy yourself a nice house one day" still to the day i dont believe she ment to give me 20, unless she thought I was cute. Other than bagging groceries, I performed other task such cleaning around the store or replacing merchandise people did not want once they reached the checkout line. It was a fun job, although it sucked a lot of times. For instance, when it was cold outside we were still required to take groceries to the car lugging the cart through inches or a foot snow, pouring down rain, and tornado gusting winds blowing me all over the parking lot. This was all made better by the 2 dollar tip id hopefully walk away with from the customer. This was my first job.

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  1. I liked your post i was a bagger also. it sucked most of the time but other times it was okay. I wish i would have gotten a 20 tip one time that would have been sweet.