Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The house of Mango Street book contained a lot of meaningful stories, which can be compared to the life of everyday. Most of those short stories actually have themes that enhance anybodies experience including me. The writers experience influenced many factors, which can safeguard the real human life. The strengthness of this book developed, my mind from one direction to another, how the writer included the scenes and characters, which are very effective in its positive. If the people continue reading and understand the writers main agenda, can make the students to be a writers in the future.
The weakness of the book , is only the quotes that the writer included from the foreign words, which was kind of complicated, I mean some of the words can change the test of the story, and sometimes they are nowhere in the dictionary. But nobody can claim to be perfect.
My favorite story was the red clowns, because it involved on relationship, where the Spanish girl being aggressed, at the same time she was having a dream of what she red from the book and saw in the movie. Later on, everything took different direction, Sally who didn’t look what was expected, having sour lips and many unexpected negative appearance, finally claiming why you lie to me.

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