Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My First Job

I got my first job the summer after I graduated from high school. I decided I wanted to work at Graffiti Burger a new personally owned business. My first day on the job was probably the worst day I’ve worked there. I started in the afternoon; they welcomed me with by putting me on the dish tank. The dish tank is in the back of the kitchen and is a one man job. It consists of three sinks one for washing the dishes another for rinsing them off and the last one to sanitize them. So I began to wash dishes thinking I would only be back there for an hour or so then they would take me off them. I was wrong; I washed dishes for three hours straight. While doing the dishes the night crew was coming in for the start of their shift and one person named David came up to me and said “it’s your first day isn’t it?”
I replied “yeah it is.”
And he said back to me “I thought so we all did dishes our first day don’t worry about it.”
This didn’t make me feel that bad that I was doing dishes anymore. After doing dishes for three hours they called me out to the grill where we cook the burgers. I was soaked to the bone at this point, and it looked like I had gotten in a squirt gun fight. The first thing I noticed about being next to the grill was that it’s probably the hottest place to stand in the whole restaurant. It’s so hot that I started to break a little sweat that I could feel building up on my back and forehead. As more and more people come in and order food I have to put more patties down on the grill, and eventually the five by three foot grill is completely full, maybe about thirty patties. The patties need to be flipped when you see grease start to accumulate around the edges of the patties. After flipping the patties they start to sizzle in the grease and sizzle and steam so that the grease from the grill gets into the air and lands all over my face and arms. It feels like rubbing a thin layer of Vaseline on your arms and face. When the patties are done cooking we top them with cheese and place them on the bun so that the burger can be completed. Finally they told me I was allowed to go home. I felt awful after being soaked by water, covered in grease and sweat all over my body. I smelled like a burger and felt like one too. It is a very dirty job but it’s an income of money so I can’t complain.


  1. Hey this is Stephen's post Ahmed. Ya man that sucks I hate getting all hot and greasy from doing all the work. BTW do u know Brooke Hannah, cuz I'm pretty sure she works there too.