Tuesday, October 27, 2009

journal 6

The thing I learned from the book The House on Mango Street was how hard it is to live in poor living conditions. Esperanza gives personal accounts of the life she's living in great detail so we can put ourselves in her shoes. Which is one of the strengths to the book. Weaknesses to the book i thought were that she hints to much and sometimes we may get the wrong idea of the point she is trying to make. My favorite story was, "The Monkey Garden", because she creates a good scene for us to imagine. When talking about the monkey garden Esperanza describes how they like to think about the place while they play there, saying "There beneath the roots of soggy flowers were the bones of murdered pirates and dinosaurs, the eye of a unicorn turned to coal". I can relate to this scene she described when i was a kid using my imagination to create a place where i could play and have fun.

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