Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Journal 6

I thought the House on Mango street was a very creative book. I also liked how Cisneros would describe her characters. I felt she did a good job of describing their personalities, their traits, and their backround. I also liked how she would make the stories in random order and make the book more exciting by doing that. In her stories she wrote about things that were easy for people to relate to, which also helped make it an easy, and exciting read.
One of my favorite stories from today was "A House of My Own" because it was short but she does a good job of describing what it would be like to have her own place. "My two shoes waiting beside the bed. Nobody to shake a stick at. Nobody's garbage to pick up after. Only a house quiet as snow, a space for myself to go, clean as paper before the poem." I liked this story because it shows that she dreams of having her own place and that she is determined to have her own place and that it will be a nice place and it will be exactly the way she wants it to be.

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