Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ahmed Abdullah
Engish 109.2
Mike lohre
Journal 5
Elinta cards, palm, and water

The story that really was very interesting was Elinta cards, palm, and water. This is the book from the house of mango street. This story had lot complexities in terms of life. This story contained very wonderful thoughts, which was uneasy, In the beginning the woman performed something like magic on the table, and there was a girl who was expecting to get house for her wishes, the performance was not going good for the first action, later on the woman asked a price to do to get her wishes fully.
At the end of the story when she finish her magic wishes, she said to her wisher, “come back on Thursday and may the virgin bless you” actually this far away from the reality, this means there is no relation between The virgin Mary and magic.

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