Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The story that stood out to me most during this reading assignment was Born Bad. The story is about Esperanza and her friends Lucy and Rachel and how they will end up in hell for what they had done to her poor Aunt Lupe. Her aunt struggled with a disease that had no cure. One day her and her friends were playing a game that they played often where they would imitate an individual and the other player would then have to guess who it was. And on this one day they happened to imitate her ill aunt, struggling with everyday life activities unable to live a normal life, who dies shortly after. Although it may seem that they were purposely making fun of her aunt I do not think that their true intention was to be so cruel. They are only young ignorant kids trying to make the best of their childhood, yet sometimes boundaries can be somewhat of an issue.
When things so unfortunate happen to people it is common to want to find the answers although there is nothing anyone can do after is it all said and done. Esperanza tries to pin point the time that all of this happened to her once young beautiful aunt who seemed full of life. "Maybe the sky didn't look the day she fell down," (Cisneros 59). No one was there to help her and there was nothing anyone could do.

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