Thursday, October 15, 2009

my first job

Snapshot three: My first job
My very first job that I had was working at McDonald’s as a cashier. Many of you would say that working at McDonald’s is the worst job you can have but to extend it can be fun. On the first day there I remember that one of the managers said “you’re going to enjoy working here” and I said to her “am I really going to enjoy it?” and she responded “of course you are as long as you make fun for your self”. I felt like I was a one year that was learning how to walk again because of how much I had to learn. McDonald’s is like an airport people just keep coming and leaving through out the day and at the same time when ever people stop coming, which rarely happens, they expect you to be cleaning, stocking your area, or following a specific order given by the manager. But is not just about working you got thirty minutes to your self, during that time you could eat, sleep, or do what ever you want. This was my favorite part of my job because I got to relax and I could get a free meal, which I always did. Working at McDonald’s was not a bad idea because I was able to learn everything that I needed to learn with in two weeks.

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  1. working at mcdoanlds could def have its advantages, FREE FOOD, although that could hurt you in the long run.