Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Journal 6

I thought this book was very creative, she does a very good job of painting pictures for the reader to develop in there head as there reading. She also uses a lot of of similes and metaphors which makes her writing more interesting. Another reason why i liked this book so much was because some of the stories I could relate to or I knew exactly what she was trying to get across to the reader. One of my favorite stories was "My Name" it used a lot of descriptive language to show how she felt about her name and where it came from. I liked writing the Snapshot on this as well.
A House Of My Own, was my favorite story for today's reading. "Not a Flat, Not an apartment. Not a mans house. Not a daddys house. A house all to my own." I like this because she showing the reader that shes on her own and she doesn't have other people to worry about or people to pick up after its like her own place to be herself and not having any hold backs.

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