Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Job

My First Job was definatly not my most favorite job, when I was a freshman in high school I applied at a local grocery store called Weilands. I appied to be a bagger and only work 15-20 hours. M y First day was not very enjoyable I expected bagging to be fun but when the other bagger didn't show up I had to do all three lines at the registers. In addition to bagging their groceries I,also was required to carry their groceries to their car even in pouring down rain. I remember on my first day it was raining really hard and thundering and lightning, and I went to go get a rain coat but my manager who was watching me but didn't feel any inclination to help said "where do you think your going, you see how busy we are you don't need that do you, your a man right I didn't hire any girl did I now hurry up and take these out." Other than taking out groceries, and bagging them I also had other jobs, such as unloading the trucks with new groceries, which was very hard but was cool because I always got 15 dollars from the truck driver for doing it withouyt complaining, I also had to clean up around the store whenever someone spilled, and i always was told that i needed to restock. My first job was hard but i liked that because it would make the time go by faster. That was my first Job which i had for 2 years.

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  1. That's crazy how you said you loved that job! I don't like bagging at all and I don't have to do all the stuff you did! We have a pick up lane, so it's a bit different!