Thursday, October 15, 2009

My first job

My first job that i had was when I was when i was a sophmore and a junior in high school. I worked at Kroger. I was a bagger and a cart collecter. It was the worst job possible. Your hours were never constant and you akways had to work if you needed the day off. Working there was the worst thing because you had to pay union fees which would take more money out of you weekely pay check. Also when it would rain you had to go out and collect the carts. It was even worse when it was thundering and lightening because they still made you go out and get them. When some one came down the isle to check out you always had to say with a smile
"Hi is there anything you need help with"
"No I am fine" they would always say"
and after they check out you have to say
"Thank you have a nice day"
And every time i got a response of nothing.
It was hard for me to work there becase i had to get there right after school and half the time i could get there with one minute to spair before i am late. Also my friends would always come in and say when you getting off and i would tell them i just started. It was hard for me because i missed out on so many things. But I had to work in order to play for hockey and my equipment.

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