Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Job

Mohamed Bounif

My first job was around my junior year in high school I had created my own business for cutting peoples grass ans shoveling their driveways during the winter, because where I used to live their were a lot of elderly people who where unable or did not want to cut their grass so I took the opportunity by going door to door and asking I they wanted me to help with a reasonable price.
Me: hello how are you doing
Customer: fine is there something you need
Me: yes i was wondering if you need help shoveling your driveway
Customer: thank you dear
Me: no problem
Well I had started cutting grass in the spring/summer since by the time I started this we were already out of winter. It was a nightmare I had to cut the grass for six houses in the same day so would start form 11am to 7pm, by the time I was done it felt like I ran a marathon. Well after time I got used to it and it was successful for that year till that day. Where a professional company and took my customers with cheaper labor and it was done faster. So now I am out of job takes to my next door neighbor


  1. mohamed you really doing wonderful

  2. that sucks that the company took your customers

  3. Thst is really sucks. I am cutting 5 yards too. It is such hard work. I haveno time to work it into my schedual with work and school. Hopefully you find a job soon