Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Journal #6

The House on The Mango Street is a very interesting book. I learned that no matter how many conflicts you come across you must be strong and learn from those experiences. Strengths of the book were Esperanza actually started showing that she cared of other thought of her and how she was very self consicence about herself. I thought that was a strength because it takes courage to share those moments.The weaknesses were when she wrote about random stories which were about half a page. It never really made sense to me why that was in the book. Although the stories itself made sense.
The story that caught my eye was " Linoleum Roses" because it starts out to be all bunnies and rainbows but once you get closer it turns out to be nothing but problems. Sally is married and she is happy because she doesnt have to pay for things her husband does it but then her husband also beats her which is sad that she has to live a life scared like that. " She sits at home because she is scared to go out with his permission." It just shows that her freedom has gone away after getting married and she is living her life almost as a hostage.


  1. Good Post.... and by the way you copied my topic sentence.....lol