Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The House on Mango Street

From reading The House on Mango Street I was exposed to a writing style that I was not particualry used to. With her short fragmented way of telling stories it was almost a challenge in the beginning. The more I read the book the more I came to appreciate her style. I learned the importance of sense details and how much they truly do emphasize scenes to the reader. She gave sight to the troubles that she felt and the conditions she was exposed to. Being able to travel back in time an tell the stories from a childs perspective is pretty impressive. In my opinion, the book did not have many weaknesses. The random order to the book made it more exciting and enjoyable to me. I thought Cisneros did a great job telling stories in ways that no one else might think of.
Out of the reading for today my favorite story was "The Monkey Garden". In this story Esperanza shows a wide variety of emotions. She goes from being happy and full of excitement to anger and pure sadness. With her friend Sally completely ignoring her in the midst of some boys attention, it is easy to understand the hurt she is experiencing. "I wanted to be dead, to turn into the rain, my eyes melt into the ground like two black snails. I wished I wished" (Cisneros 99). This shows how much Esperanza has bottled up at this particular time. To feel such ways and to wish for such things more than once in this story alone gives you and idea that there is more to the story that was is being presented at this given time.

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  1. yes her style of writing was different from what i was use to